Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday I put down Ben's lunch on the table and intoned to him, "Eat, Drink and be merry!" David overheard and said, "Yeah, Ben - eat, drink and then get married!" Kind of struck my funny bone...

The sun is out, which warms my soul. This winter, for some reason, has really been wearying to me. Last year was a harder winter, weather-wise, as I recall - more snowfalls, anyway, I think. But I am so anxious for spring! Maybe last year I didn't notice things so much because of being mentally dazed and sleep deprived. Plus, I was dealing with the whole vasectomy thing so there was probably a part of me trying to hold on to each and every one of Sam's baby days since there won't be any more of those coming my way. But now - I want spring! I want to hear the birds chirping, get out my short sleeved clothes, open the windows...

Paul had his shop meeting today. Things are still going well for his employer. His boss used the word "blessed" today to refer to their business, at least compared to other heating and air places in the metro. I guess quite a few have had to lay off workers. Things are slowing down, but that has more to do with the time of year. Paul's struggling to get 40 hours a week right now, but we're learning that's normal for later in the seasons. August was like this for us last year, so this isn't unexpected. It's kind of "feast or famine" in this business, which is ok, as long as we are prudent during the "feast" times!

I listed to Focus on the Family yesterday. They had Ron Blue on there. He said in his 40 years as a financial advisor he has never seen times like we are headed into now. It's scary to hear things like this because I don't want to suffer. Our savings account is pretty meager and I wonder what will happen to us. He said it is so important to spend less and save more. I'm trying, but it seems like we cut it pretty close to the bone anyway! Then earlier yesterday I ended up having an interesting conversation with 2 women in the waiting room at Blank Pediatric therapy. The one I have talked to quite a bit and knew she is a Christian. The other I didn't know that until yesterday. In fact, she was telling me that her husband applied to FBBC and was turned down because of divorces in their past. She was rather put out over that. I kept my mouth shut on that. But anyway it was interesting. The one believes that this digital tv is being pushed on us in order that the govt. can watch us through our tv sets. Really? Seems kind of Orwellian to me! She's also against direct deposit because of the same thing. I think if the govt wants to know what's in my bank account they can find that out even if I don't use direct deposit! (I do use it). She was kind of funny, though. She is a black lady but did not vote for Obama. Her husband did, though. She said her husband got a calendar of Obama and every day she turns that thing around so his smiling face is against the wall, and every night her husband turns it around again! Both women professed to believe that a famine is coming upon us. I sure hope not. I really like to eat and don't want to lose any more weight...

Anyway, today I'm feeling a bit unsettled in my spirit and I think it's because of those two things - talking with those women yesterday and then hearing the FOF broadcast. It's kind of upsetting to know that things are changing and not for the good. It makes me wonder if we will get to extreme conditions like what were experienced in the Great Depression. But I don't think anyone alive today is really prepared to be able to endure the kind of harships that would present. But what's the alternative - suicide? Jan Mikelson (WOW radio) was talking about that this morning, the news reports of people killing their families and themselves in the face of the faltering economy. But, it's nice to know that we won't be alone. God does know what's going on and I keep thinking of that verse in the Old Testament where I think it's the prophet Jeremiah says, "I have been young and I have been old, and I have yet to see God's children begging for bread." I'd rather be more comfortable though!

I heard more of Carol Everett on Family Life Today. I remember when she first got out of the abortion industry and came and spoke at our high school. Now it's 20+ years later and the pain is still evident in her voice.

Paul called me today and told me a quote by Ruth Bell Graham he had heard, "Marriage is a union of two great forgivers." He said he thought that was particularly applicable to me - as if I ever have a problem with forgiving! :)

Speaking of Paul, I'm trying not to be irritated with his brain. He actually looked at my blog the other night. He said he doesn't "get" it, although he did like my post describing himself and the boys. And he read all the comments by others. He says I write an awful lot and he didn't think my post on abbreviating words was funny at all. I shouldn't be surprised. I will read him funny things, like out of Reader's Digest and he just looks at me blankly. But he thinks knock knock jokes are hilarious. He said it is the same thing as if he were to show me a furnace he had just fixed. I wouldn't understand a thing he had done. It doesn't mean it was done badly, but it is just out of my realm of understanding. So apparently, my thoughts are too lofty for him, he is saying... But he did say he would read other posts if I point them out to him. I'm not sure I want him to. I keep telling myself that we are just different people, but I guess I didn't realize how badly I wanted him to understand me through my writing until he tried - and couldn't.

Well, I need to get some rolls made for supper, some wet clothes put in the dryer, and some more schoolwork done with the boys. A nap sounds good, but isn't going to happen!


  1. Laughing so hard about David's statement. :)

    My husband reads my blog ALL the time. There is a part of me that loves that he is interested in what I am writing since sometimes it feels like he doesn't listen. But then other times I wish I could dish and not have him lurking over my shoulder. My mother-in-law has told me I write too much she doesn't even bother to read it anymore. :( The whole purpose of the blog is to keep them updated on what is happenin with their grandchildren since they are never around (only living 50 miles away, sore subject). Guess I shouldn't have expected more.

    The whole famine thing... I could stand to loose some weight, but don't want to do it in that way. We are feeling the stress of the economy, especially since we lost our house. But, God is good!! and daily I see how he provides for my family in ways I never could have imagined.

    If you ever want more sun you are more then welcome at my place, sunny southern CA. BEAUTIFUL weather today. We really are spoiled and it bothers me when I catch myself complaining about a few raindrops or semi-cold (50s) weather. Trying to be thankful.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Yes, times are trying economically. Well, I must say that people who spend what they don't have to get what they don't need are going to have a hard time during these unstable days. However, if we remember the ant and try to also consider the fate of his adversary the grasshopper, then we will be ok.

    It is nice to EAT, though. I am sure I could do without a few pounds. I actually heard while watching a survival show on tv sometime recently, that our bodies run better on less food. Go figure! More water is always good, though.

    I love reading your posts, though sometimes I have to read two at a time because I am so busy. Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. I have a blogspot blog but I can't remember how to sign into it, so hopefully this comment works. (This is Lesley, btw.)

    I write a lot too, and it is often frustrating to me that my husband has never once read my blog. His mother does, but apparently she doesn't want me to know that and it's supposed to be a secret. (I have no idea why; she's just that way.)

    So the other day I read him a poem I'd written. I intentionally wrote it so that most people reading it would not recognize what it was talking about. Even if they had direct knowledge of the situation, if they weren't looking for it, it'd be too veiled to catch. HOWEVER, before reading it to him I specifically told him what and who it was about. I read it then, and he looked at me blankly and eventually said "I have no idea what you said." Lol... oh well. (P.S... if you want to see it, it's the poem called 'the elephant in the room' at .)

  4. pllllllll on men who don't understand us sharing every tedious amkes the stories better when the picture is painted~!