Monday, January 19, 2009

I have finally done it - started my own blog. This is something I have resisted for a long time, despite the urgings of various friends. I'm busy and something of a techno-idiot. I figured those were enough reasons to stay away from the blogosphere. But like most of my good intentions, I caved and well, here I am!

I suppose blogging is one of the highest forms of narcissism. After all, it really is assuming a lot that others will want to read about my life. But maybe I underestimate the boredom factor in a lot of my friends/familys' life!

If nothing else, I figure this blog can be a journal of the middle years of my life. I gave up journaling about the time I got married and have always wanted to get back to that. Of course, being public like this, I'll have to be a little nicer, otherwise I'll get people mad at me and have to do a lot of apologizing.

I'm thinking this will just be a good place to muse out loud on the aspects of my life that are most important. Maybe some of my readers will find a bit of commonality with me or a sense of relief that their own lives are so much less complicated!

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