Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogging Can Be Hazardous

I am very close to having things ready in my head for my next post - has to do with music I enjoy. Today Paul and I were in Menards. We went there to return some tracking stuff for the new kitchen ceiling and found that trim was on sale so we were trying to remember where all we need it in the house and how much was needed. Well, that gets boring after awhile. So my mind shifted to this blog I am mentally working on. I needed to run to the bathroom and told Paul I'd be back in a minute. So, I'm walking along, deep in thought, which is probably never a good thing. I went into the bathroom and had the thought, "Now, those sure are some funny looking sinks!" when it dawned on me that those weren't sinks at all! I beat a hasty retreat out of the men's room, thankful that I hadn't surprised any unsuspecting customer.

By the time I got back to Paul and the trim the humor of the situation had struck me and I couldn't wait to share with him what had happened. I wasn't prepared for the look of horror that crossed his face! Breaking the sanctity of a men's' room must be a big deal because when I told the story to Will later he got the same look on his face and said, "Mom, do you know they have cameras there?!"

So you all better appreciate my next post, knowing where it unintentionally led me!

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  1. LOL, that is too funny! I will have to stay on my toes and learn from your unfortunate experience.