Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugaration Day

Feeling a bit grumpy today. I caught Sam and Ben's colds and spent a restless night - now achy and stuffy. It's January!

I have managed to keep the news off all day long as I did not want to see any footage of the new president. I find myself, still, so upset over him winning. I can't stand the smug smiles of Barack or Michelle and I always flip the channels when they come on. I think that is the main source of my grumpiness today. We just lost one of the best presidents we ever had and now we are in for 4 very rough years, I fear. It's not that McCain would have been any great prize, either, and since he threw Sarah Palin under the bus in a recent interview, I'm pretty ticked at him, too. But I'd feel a little less uneasy if he were the one being sworn in today.

But despite all this, we're having a good school day. I cancelled the boys speech class so we could stay home today and we're getting quite a bit done. I brought out subtraction flash cards for Ben and David today and was pleasantly surprised to see how well they did.

Well, Sam has awakened from a 3 hour nap and I bet he's hungry. I had some thoughts earlier on the subject of complaining, of all things, and if I remember them, I might jot them down later.