Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday again... almost 10 pm. I should be in bed. But, I have spent all day painting my living room for the 4th time in 4 years. And I don't even like to paint! But I just can't make up my mind about colors. This is the absolute last time I will ever paint that room, though, unless we end up living here the rest of our lives. Then I might do it in 10 years or so. I'm going back to boring beige because I think it will make the room look bigger. Plus, light colored walls hide imperfections better (I like to think anyway) and goodness knows, that blasted panelboard that is up all over has plenty of imperfections! I tried to cut one out with a jip knife today but I just traded one bad spot for another. I am going to do the back wall in a barn red for some color in there. I do love color, which is probably why I paint so much.

But I don't like to paint. I have to wear icky, old, clothes that are stiff with remnants of other projects. It gets all over my hands and dries them out and my kids laugh at me because they say I have "gray" hair, which I suppose is better than the times I have had blue, red, and lime green hair. I have to pull out furniture which is mentally upsetting to work around. But yet, I suspect it is something I will be doing the rest of my life...

Spent quite a bit of time on the computer today visiting with an old acquaintance who is now a friend. We seem to be on the same wavelength about a lot of things - you know, the moody, artistic wavelength!

Did get a little bit of schooling done with the boys, in between things. I am giving up having Ben try to write in his language book. Instead, we just talked about what was being presented and he gave me his answers verbally. His therapist seems to be suggesting more and more that we stick to keyboarding with him. He just may never be able to write. Of course, I'll have to teach him to type then! I just think not being able to write is going to really handicap him. How will he make lists, write notes, or jot down ideas? He can sign his own name, which is something - of course, it's in letters 1" high, though!

I'm thinking I have one of the smartest toddlers out there. Ah, actually Will might have been a little brighter at this age, now that I think about it. I remember him being able to give animal sounds at 14 months. But anyway, Sam has started to say "hot" and back away from the wood burner and oven. Today I opened up the oven door and he said, "Ah-ee" which is "owie". Will has been better at signing with Sam than I have been and he claims that Sam is now signing "hot" but I haven't seen it. He was really good about staying away from my paint trays today, except for the time he stepped in one. He loves the little stepladder we have in the living room right now - climbs right up that thing. He did fall off at one point, though, today. He's a tough little dude. Right now he's got an awful rash all over his belly - I'm thinking it is eczema. He has bothered with that off and on since birth. All the boys had it to some extent, but his is definitely the second worst. And he's got a big old scrape going down from one knee to his ankle!

Tomorrow we meet with Pastor again. I'm not sure exactly what there will be to talk about because Ben hasn't really been all that difficult lately. Maybe it's because I have really been trying to view life through his perspective. And maybe it's because a lot of people have been praying for us. I feel horrible though because Pastor gave me a cd to listen to of a doctor whose own son is autistic. She did an incredible job of presenting this disorder from both the medical and spiritual standpoint. She just wrote a book that I want to order. But I can't find the cd! I am just sick over this. I had it two weeks ago when we finished listening to it and now it is nowhere to be found. At times like this it would be nice to be Catholic so I could pray to St. Anthony. Oh, wait - I guess I can pray anyway! I knew that...just my lame attempt at humor. Seriously, though, I hope I find that thing. But yet, my keys have been missing since the first Friday in November, so I am not all that hopeful at recovering this cd. If I can't find a ring of keys with a 4" long hot pink fob, what are the chances of finding a cd in a clear case?

Well, I should be able to put the final coat on the section of wall I am working on now. Then I'm taking a bath and scrubbing all this paint off! I'm hopeful that I will finish the room tomorrow, but we shall see. I think Paul plans to take down the other half of the kitchen ceiling. I'm kind of dreading that.


  1. OH painting!! I loath painting. My best friend paints ALL the time. I tease her that her house is loosing square footage because the walls are so thick with paint. Seriously she used to repaint the walls every 3-4 months. Craziness!

    I hope you found the CD and that your time with the Pastor was productive.