Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Little Bit About My Men

Since most of my posts will probably have to do with home life, I thought I would start this post by introducing the men who fill my days.

My husband Paul has been hanging around for 19 years now. We have been married almost for almost 16 years . We met during our one year at Bible college. Thinking we were both coming back the next fall, we started dating during the last 4 weeks of the school year. But neither one of us made it back. So, in those pre-email days, we wrote letters 3 times a week and called and visited every so often. We finally had enough of that and married in 1993. Paul is a would-be farmer. But unless you have a farm in the family, it's an almost impossible field (pun intended) to break into now. He did have a chance to work for a farmer for a few years and I have never seen him so happy! I'm praying that someday Paul will have the opportunity to farm, at least a little bit. But for now, Paul supports us by working as a service technician, fixing furnaces and air conditioners. It's a good job and he enjoys what he does. He's a good man. He loves God, his boys, and me. I don't know what more I could ask for out of a husband.

We have 4 sons, much to my delight. I always wanted a large family and I always wanted the majority of my children to be boys. I did always envision at least one daughter and I'll probably post sometime about my thoughts on that. And, to be honest, I never imagined that I would have only boys. But, truthfully, I am delighted at the family God picked for me. When we announced that Baby #4 was another boy, I was so disappointed in people who expressed sadness for us. We were thrilled!

Will is our oldest at 14. He's driving now and getting taller and broader every day. He's a serious one - a thinker, and the most like his dad in personality. He doesn't care one bit about getting credit for things. His goal is to whatever needs to be done in the best, most expedient way possible. He's very logical and gifted, academically. At the same time, I see a softness in his heart toward the less abled, particularly those with physical and mental handicaps. I'm pretty sure that is a result of having a brother with some needs. Right now Will is crazy about hunting and football - I'm guessing he probably always will be!

At 12 years of age, Ben comes next. He's our first miracle baby because he's a uterine rupture survivor and wasn't even expected to live after birth. But he did. However, that life has come with some challenges. As a result of his birth asphyxiation, Ben has some cerebral palsy. He also falls somewhere in the autism spectrum (although that could be related to a severe vaccine reaction he had at 2 months of age). So, his life has not been easy and it's a little harder to get a handle on just what his personality is because of the autism. But we do know he's pretty easy going and good natured. Ben's affectionate to his family members and has a very determined attitude. Right now his body is entering puberty and I think that is messing with his brain a bit - we have had some more challenges in recent months with him. But we'll get through it. We totally envision a full future for him - not sure what that is going to look like at this point, but we know God has a plan for Ben and are willing to do whatever we can to help Ben fulfill that. Ben's current, and actually life-long interests seem to be involve tv game shows and baseball.

David is our only child not born in the fall. He's 9 1/2 now. I sometimes joke that he should have been my girl because he is so emotionally driven. His emotions are usually at one end of the scale or the other - never in the middle! He "feels" absolutely everything. I can really see him someday in a people-oriented field, like the pastorate or as a counselor. He has had a keen spiritual interest and understanding since he was quite little. He is such a contrast to Will that I find it hard to believe that they are full brothers! At the same time, David is all-boy. He is obsessed with the NFL. He can give you the names and positions of all different team players. He faithfully follows team scores every week and is beside himself with excitement over the upcoming Super Bowl!

Sam is our last little miracle. He turns 15 months this week. He's the answer to our prayers, our hope fulfilled, and the completion of our family. He came along as a result of a "fleece" I laid out to the Lord about 2 years ago - a prayer I completely forgot about until I discovered I was pregnant! He has definitely changed our family. We all just adore him and I hope that doesn't result in him growing up spoiled. His brothers are his protectors and it is much easier to parent this time around because I don't have to do it all! He is definitely a little man and I find myself amused as I see him making vroom-vroom noises with little cars or messing with Paul's tools. Nobody had to teach him that stuff! He'll be the one keeping us young and on our toes when the other boys spread their wings and leave.

There would have been one more and I'm pretty sure that would have been a boy, too, but we lost one to miscarriage in the spring of 2001. God used that experience to tenderize our hearts a bit and if we hadn't lost that one, we might not have Sam, so I don't regret the experience. But I'm looking forward to meeting that little one someday in Heaven!

So...just a little bit about the men who fill my life and make my days busy. I'm queen in a house full of testosterone and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. I guess because Ben and Derek are the same age, I find myself interested in what is going on with him the most. I enjoy the photos you send in the mail so often. I think I have more of your boys than I do of Derek, lol. By the way, why doesn't Paul smile in most of his pictures? =)