Friday, August 6, 2010

On My Way

Well, maybe. Sort of. I guess it just depends on God's plan for my life. Seeing as how I still have all these young males underfoot, I'm thinking that it will be awhile before I am truly and totally "on my way." But it feels good to say that, even if it's not strictly the truth.

So what am I talking about? I'm going to tell you!

A week ago I submitted my piece on the topic of "See." It was fun to write, but I didn't think it was all that great. In fact, as the week progressed I only ever got two comments on it and I wasn't surprised particularly after I made my way through the other pieces at my level - lots of amazing writers there! I wasn't checking my in box every 15 minutes to see if someone had stumbled across my story and left a comment. In fact, I really didn't give it much thought at all.

Wednesday evening, my friend Kristi sent me the link to the story that she had submitted for "see." Now, that was good! I laughed and enjoyed that thing so much! So yesterday morning when I knew the results would be posted I went to the FaithWriters website purely to check to see how Kristi did.

To my complete and utter amazement my story, "What About France?" placed SECOND in the Advanced Level. Kristi got 3rd. I was absolutely stunned - totally did not see that coming. So, I had to call Paul and tell him. As I was chatting with him, my phone started beeping but I ignored it. I think call waiting is rude. Plus, I don't know how to switch over to another call. So, then I wrote my mom an email telling her all about my surprising win and sending her the story, since she is one of my biggest fans. Well, then I saw I had a new email in my box and it was from Kristi and she wrote, "Hey - I was trying to call you!" I was excited because I've never actually talked to Kristi in person. So I immediately returned her call.

We started talking and Kristi said, "Congratulations on placing 3rd in the Editor's Pick!" I said, "Wha-a-t?!" Kristi laughed and said, "Sarah, you're getting published!" You know how in movies and on tv shows someone gets amazing news and they have to sit down because the news is too great to absorb standing up? Yep - that was me! I had not even looked at the Editor's Picks yet. But as I've penned on this post, to make it into the Top 10 Editor's Picks has been my goal since starting FaithWriters.

As I understand it, there are two judging bodies within FW. One is a group of judges that rate the work in each of the 4 levels and assign winners. They also pick the top 30 overall, which is posted on Thurs. evenings. Then, there are a group of Editors that pick their top 10 favorite from all the categories combined. Those top 10 make it into a published anthology. That's where you start earning cash prizes, too - by placing first a certain number of times within the Editors Picks.

I felt like the screaming contestants on The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune. Only I didn't get lucky by guessing prices or spinning a wheel. I wrote a story. I did what I was created to do (besides being a mother and wife - also things I was created for) and I won! I cannot adequately express the exhilaration of this! What a pick-me-up and awesome way to start a Thursday!

Paul called me later yesterday and when I answered, he asked, "Can I have your autograph?" Hardy, har, har. To be honest, I'm still a little baffled as to why I won. I still think my Eve story was much better than my France story. Oh well. Who can know the mind of a judge - or editor?

I know that someday if - when - I get 1st place in the Editor's Picks or I get a contract for a book of mine that some publishing house wants, I'll look back on this little win and just smile at my excitement for something that can't even compare. But for now, for today, I'm excited. And that's ok.

I still have squabbling children, a husband who doesn't always listen, a leaking toilet, and a dirty carpet. I'm still me and I still have this very, very normal life. But now I can also say that I'm a published author. And that feels, really, really good!

Oh, and Kristi got 6th place in the Editor's Picks. So we're on our way together (although, to be perfectly honest, she's a better writer than I am. Her name is Kristi Pfiefer. Watch for her. She'll have her name on a book someday).

It's a good day!

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