Sunday, August 8, 2010

House Calls and Idiots

A few other notes from this past week:

Paul had a regular neuro. appt. this week. A couple of years ago he took part in a drug study for epilepsy medications. He's no longer doing that but we liked the dr. doing the study so much that we decided to just have him continue to be Paul's neurologist. I used to go with Paul to all his study appts. because they were up in Ames and he couldn't drive his company van that far. So I got to know Dr. Moore as well. Now that Paul is no longer doing the study, he just sees the dr. here in Des Moines. I couldn't make the appt. this week but I figured that was ok - Paul's a grown man and I think he can handle going to the dr. without me. Maybe not! Because, Dr. Moore called me during Paul's appt. to ask me some questions about Paul's seizure activity. Then, he outlined to me a new plan of treatment for Paul and asked me to start keeping track of his seizures. Then, when he found out I was driving, he shrieked, "You're not supposed to talk on the phone while you're driving!" Well, he called me! I couldn't help that I had to drive just then! So, anyway, the whole thing made me chuckle. I told Paul I'll go with him to his appointments from now on.

I was an idiot this week. And I have pink carpet to prove it. I have several gallons of paint under the back room buffet. They are all going down to my new basement once it gets built. But in the meantime, they have to stay in the house because it's too hot to store them anywhere else right now. So, I was moving the paint cans around when I knocked over a can of red paint! It shouldn't have spilled though. However, it was a can that I forgot to hammer the lid back on, so it did spill! So, I immediately scrubbed it which just made it worse. The paint stain spread all over and lightened to a coral pink instead of barn red. But I fixed it. I bought a big rug yesterday! Oh, eventually, that carpet is coming up once we knock out the wall between the two rooms. But that's still a few years away. In the meantime, I now have a very pretty woven rug in my back room! Dumb, dumb, dummy...

Oh, I was going to mention - I'm not reprinting my winning entry here in my blog as I normally do with my FW pieces. I haven't checked the rules yet, but I'm guessing that since they are publishing it, they would prefer to keep the piece to themselves - first rights and all. But, I'd be happy to email the link to anyone who desires to read it. So just let me know if you want that link. Or not! I won't be offended. In fact, I'm always a bit awed when people do take the time to read my writing, whether here or other stuff I put out. That takes time and that is often a precious commodity. And I know I'm wordy. I was talking to my friend this week. She and I are very close, although we operate with opposite sides of our brain. You all know how my brain works and her strength is in mathematics and science - stuff that makes me go "huh?" She always shakes her head when I talk about writing and says she can't comprehend wanting to write. She was telling me she has been trying to keep up with my blog, but added, "You just have so many words, Sarah!" Ha, ha, ha!

Will got a new leather coat this week. I had been mulling over in my mind what I ought to do for him for a winter coat this year. Last year he ran around in a hooded sweatshirt all winter long, which drove me nuts. He had a perfectly nice down filled jacket but wouldn't touch it. I was thinking of taking him to the store, being willing to buy something new and expensive, even, if it would just be something warmer that he would actually wear. Well, Friday evening Paul and a couple of the boys went over to a realtor friend of ours. He helped us with our house and has advised us about selling vs. not selling. And he's sent a lot of side work Paul's way. Paul has been working on his AC and so that's where he was Fri. night - getting it running for him. Well, this friend has some rental properties and apparently one of his tenants left a whole bunch of stuff when they moved. He sent it home with the boys - all kinds of kids dvds, toys, a bunch of pants for David (some with tags still on them!) and this coat for Will. The zipper doesn't work, but I figured I'll just take that to a tailor and get it replaced. I mean the coat is genuine leather, not the plastic stuff. Will was thrilled with it and had to show me right away. And he's not one to get excited about clothing at all! So, I guess I have the winter coat thing taken care of!

That's it for this post. I've been informed Sam is "leaking." Why is that always my job?

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