Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sick Octonigerians

No, I don't have a new ER visit to report! I took that this morning before Ben left for school. It's homecoming week, so the kids have different dress-up days. Today is "Fake Injury" day. Ben's having fun with the week. Tomorrow he is going to help paint the streets and sidewalks (apparently a Pville Homecoming tradition). Friday, there's a parade for the whole town and the football players and band, I presume, will be in it. So, we'll drive down for that.

I hope I'm feeling better by then! I've been fighting a bladder infection for the last week. It got so bad by Mon. afternoon that I decided it was finally time to see a dr. But I couldn't go then because I had to take the boys to Will's JV game (they lost - but it was only by 2 points, so it made for more excitement). I would have just skipped it and drove to Urgent Care, but we'd already promised to take the neighbor boy with us and I didn't want to disappoint him.

And it's just as well I waited because my throat started tickling Mon. night. Paul's had a head cold since Friday. By Tues. morning I had a cold deep in my chest - Paul shared his germs. So, yesterday I dropped Will and David off at 4-H and then dragged Sam and myself to Urgent Care. They told me I have a "monster" of a bladder infection (no news there - when your kidneys start to hurt, you know it's got to be pretty bad). So I got a shot and then an antibiotic to kill both the infection and the chest cold. Today I'm sneezing half the time and hacking the other half. You know, I haven't been sick since I started taking mega doses of Vit D more than a year ago. I guess I'd kind of developed the assumption that I had a super immune system and was incapable of getting truly sick. Guess not!

Something funny before I throw another load in the dryer: Monday on the way to Will's class, I was quizzing him on his vocabulary words (which he hates - "why do I have to learn words I'm never going to use in real life?" I just sigh because I LOVE learning new words). I asked him, "What is a person between the ages of 80 and 89?" The answer, of course, is octogenarian. Will replied, "An octo-nigerian." That cracked me up! I told him, "Only if you're African!"

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