Saturday, September 25, 2010

Odds and Ends

Isn't this a nice picture? It has nothing at all to do with my post, but I like it. I took that at Lake Icaria on Labor Day weekend. I like Paul's pose - leaning over to show Sam something. He's such a good dad. That's niece, Kaylee, off to the side.

Here is the link to my friend, Kristi's new blog: Her blog is called "Never Kiss a Toaster." Visit it - you'll enjoy it. Kristi is a fabulous writer, a pastor's wife, and mom of two kiddos on the Spectrum. My days with Ben can't even compare to her life. But throughout it all she keeps a cheerful outlook and teaches me much about what my own attitude should be.

Speaking of blogs, did you notice that I changed my tagline and profile info? My tagline, the part about "...and the occasional intelligent thought that pops into my mind" started to bother me. The truth is, I have many intelligent thoughts. Most just evaporate within nanoseconds of entering my mind. I expanded my profile info a bit. And no, the boys are not yet 16, 14, and 3.
But they all have birthdays coming up within the next 7 weeks, so I went ahead and changed it.

I wrote kind of a nice piece, I thought, for the most recent FW Challenge. Unfortunately, I liked it better than the judges did - bummer! It didn't do so well. I got 15th out of 28 in my category - not something to be proud of and 21st out of 107, overall. Again, nothing I'm too excited about. This is why it never pays to get a big head when I do well, because I'm just as likely to get shot down the next week! Back to being a bottom feeder, I guess...Actually, I did get one little bit of good news about FW. Apparently, every quarter, they operate on a "point" system and you get points based on how well your piece places. I don't think it counts for anything, other than pride, but I won that this quarter, coming out on top with 33 points. Kind of cool! Our new quarter starts next week and I am curious to see what the theme will be.

I went to Will's Varsity game last night. He played for about one minute in the second quarter. I'm such a good mom - sitting there, freezing, for the entire 4 quarters. And,no, they didn't win - of course not! Neither team has won a single game yet this season. They played a Christian school last night, which was interesting. They opened in prayer and you could see the players praying when they would huddle. Their band played Christian songs. I've never seen that at a football game before. This was Des Moines Christian. I know Pville also plays Pella Christian so I would like to attend one of their home Varsity games to see if they, too, do the same.

Ben was delighted to get there and find his teacher. He sat by him the entire game. Mr. K assured me that Ben was no trouble at all. We walked into the bleachers and I kept hearing, "Hi, Ben!" all over. One little (well, middle-school aged) girl came up to me and asked if I was Ben's mom and if Sam was Ben's little brother. She told me, "He looks just like Ben!" It's the hair. Curls get all the attention.

Sam was the chief entertainment during the game. He loves to hoot and holler and yell things like, "Get 'im, Get 'im!" and "Touchdown!" and "Tackle him!" He's not quiet about it, either. Of course, his first word was "touchdown," so I shouldn't be surprised. The people sitting around us thought it was hilarious. I guess he was more entertaining than what was happening on the field.

Paul didn't make it to the game. He's on call this week and was working. He's working today, too. I'm not complaining. Some better paychecks will be greatly appreciated!

My food processor broke this week. It's my second one to go in less than a year, so I decided I'm done with cheap ones. Well, they're not terribly cheap - I've bought a number of $40-50 models over the past few years. I just use it all the time! I did some querying on Facebook and some internet research and I think I'm going to go with a 12 cup Cuisinart. Younkers has them on sale right now and my old home ec teacher mailed me a 15% off coupon so I should be able to get this model for around $200. That still seems frightfully expensive. But if it lasts quite awhile, then it will be worth it.

It's a cool, rainy, cozy Saturday. The Hawkeyes are playing and being broadcast in the kitchen, I've got candles burning, and the house is slowly getting picked up. It's a good day!

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