Monday, July 19, 2010

Writing Woes and Pap Smear Rewards

I just finished up my piece this week for FaithWriters. My plan was to do that while Sam slept and it worked out well. I needed to do it a little bit early because I am re-telling a Bible story this week and I wanted to make sure I didn't screw anything up, Scripturally. My pastor was helping me out with some finer points last night and volunteered to do a "heresy check" on it before I enter it so I just got it emailed to him.

Oh, speaking of FaithWriters...I am discouraged this week! I finished reading through all the other entries at my level. There were a ton of them. And I wasn't totally happy with my story. It was much better in my mind than it came out on paper. When I did write it, I ended up almost 200 words past the limit, so I was having to make really painful chopping decisions and the end result was less than pretty. And now, reading the competition, I am so aware of just how out of my league I am. There are some phenomenal writers at the Advanced Level and I know I just can't compare. I was telling Paul all this and he said, "So quit." That brat! But be aware, my readers, I will probably be whining about this for awhile!

Thursday I had my annual exam - fun, fun, fun! All is well down there, as far as I know. My dr. informed me that next year, the fun really begins - I get to have mammograms! Oh yippee...She said that I can probably do it only every other year because we have no family history of cancer. And then she went on to explain how mammograms aren't even all the effective on "young, firm" breasts. They were designed for old, floppy ones. I told her I thought mine definitely fit into the latter category, but she assured me they were still quite firm (thanks - I think?). But, I thought about about that later and I realized that what she was saying is that getting a mammogram is going to hurt because only being 40 next year, my breasts won't be super soft and squishy and will resist getting smashed between two metal plates, unlike if they were more pancake like already. Lovely...

Melissa and I met up afterwards to go see "Eclipse." I deliberately planned those two activities for the same day - I needed some comfort after enduring my annual exam! My dr. found out my plans and told me that she had just seen Taylor Lautner in real life when she and her sister were in New York, outside the Today Show building and he came out. Be still, my heart! She said he's actually kind of short. But I bet millions of women would gladly wear flats the rest of their life just to stand next to him! Actually, when it comes to Taylor, I feel a bit funny, since he's only 2 yrs older than Will. Makes me feel a bit like a dirty old woman to be lusting after someone that young! And besides, I'm Team Edward all the way!

But anyway, we went to the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot wait until Breaking Dawn comes out! Then, we went to Walmart and hung out in her van talking until 1 in the morning! Oh, we are too, too old to be doing stuff like that! But, it was so nice. Melissa and I can talk for hours. In fact, I avoid calling her because I know we'll be on the phone for an hour, minimum. We're in the same stage of life, our husbands are in related fields, our sons are best friends, and we're similar in other areas. And apparently, we're both conversation- deprived as well! By the time I got home it was 1:30 and I think it was close to three am before I actually dropped off to sleep.

Funny: Will and David requested that I rent "New Moon" for them so I did. They watched it together on Friday and then wanted me to fill them in on the plot from Eclipse. It strikes me as funny, although I know a number of guys that are into the books and movies, too. My 29 yr old nephew is a big fan and it was Melissa's teenaged son, in fact, who got her hooked. Apparently vampire romance knows no gender or age boundaries! Maybe just good taste boundaries...

As I type this, David has just informed me that he is making Edward, Jacob, and Bella Miis on the Wii. He needs me to check them for accuracy!

So that was Thursday. All day long Friday I struggled to keep my eyes open. But I had to because I had plans to meet Sara and the girls out at Jordan Creek Mall. They drove down from Waterloo and we had a nice time for several hours. I brought Sam and he pleased to see "Emmy." Sara found some good clearance clothes for herself and I wandered around trying to find stuff for me. I'm too picky. I did find a sweater/vest thingy with a strappy tank at Christopher and Banks. I didn't buy it because it was full priced. But later I got home and thought about it all day Sat. and that was one of the errands I ran yesterday. I went back and got it. It's cute, even at full price!

Well, it's not pouring at the moment, so I'd better slap another coat of paint on the house while I can. I'm hopeful that I can get this done today. Then, I can move on to the kitchen painting.

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