Monday, July 19, 2010


It looks like I'm going to be able to wrap up my day of massive blogging now. Then I'll be all caught up.

I made supper, but Paul is the only one who wanted any. David went to town with the neighbor boy for ice cream and Sam flat out refused to eat. Ben just had garlic bread and I just ate corn on the cob. Oh well - casual summertime. Sam just ran outside to play with the neighbor girl. He was naked from his bath and instructed me that he wanted to wear pants (shorts) but no shirt! Maybe he's taking his cues from Jacob, the werewolf.

Sam exclaimed today, "I can't beweeb it!" but I don't know to what he was referring - probably just being a tape recorder.

We have kittens. David discovered them last week in the shed. The mother put them in an empty fish tank, of all places! Not sure if she gave birth there, or moved them there for safety. So cute! The mama is not our kitty, but that doesn't mean they won't stick around. Cats just kind of wander all over town. Every so often a resident will come to a meeting and complain about them. But I'm not sure what they want us to do - shoot them?

I was talking on the phone last week and suddenly I heard Sam say, "Stop talking, Shara!" (Sarah). He repeated it several times, so I know what I heard. Silly kid.

One of my old classmates died last week. I went to school with Steve from kindergarten through the 7th grade when his family moved. I'm trying to remember if they went to our large church or not, but I honestly can't remember. Anyway, I heard that he drank himself to death. What an undignified way to die and be remembered. Of course, I'll always remember Steve for the way he always argued. He was always right, in his opinion. I wonder if he carried that into adulthood? Anyway, it's just sad, all around.

I have decided to stop by Menards tomorrow and get all my paint for the kitchen. I hadn't planned to do it this quickly but I've got some free time this week and I'd sure rather get the painting done before school starts than trying to fit it in between the books and trips to school.

So, that's all I know for now. Here's hoping everyone has a blessed week! And here's hoping Paul gets home at a decent time tomorrow night so I can attend my support meeting for sp. needs moms!

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