Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have a few minutes here before the rest of my day gets crazy. I'm leaving around 2. I need to take the boys to Penneys because I have a really good coupon and they need some summer clothes. I also need to go to Walmart and Hobby Lobby and Will announced that he needs to go to Best Buy. Then, Ben has his class at 4 and then the boys have to be softball by 6. Not looking forward to softball, at all! I think I'm going to freeze while there. Plus, Paul can't make it because he has another certification class for work. I don't think he gets paid for his time, either - just certified.

David has announced he wants to learn to mow the grass. I suppose he's old enough. Will has been pushing a power since he was 8. But as Will's old SS teacher used to say, "Will is exceptional." But I have instant visions of David losing his fingers. I mentioned to him the importance of keeping his hands and feet away from the bottom of the mower and he looked at me like I had just suggested he had plans to do that - a "Duh, Mom!" look. I told him I knew adult men who were walking around without all their digits because of that. The most important thing is that I don't have to do the mowing, though!

Ben burned his finger really bad last night on the mashed potatoes. I didn't know food could be so injurious! Paul said I dripped the potatoes (baked mashed potatoes, so they had just come out of the oven) on Ben. I don't exactly recall that, but I suppose it is possible. Several of his fingers are scalded, but his one finger is a huge blister now from his middle knuckle down. Poor kid. Fortunately, I still have lavender oil and some prescription cream from Sam's burn in January.

I'm starting to mentally formulate another "essay" post. I think it's going to be on why I'm not fun anymore. My 20 year high school reunion is coming up in June and we have all been asked to submit photos of then and now for a slide show. So yesterday I went out to the shed and dug out my senior year scrapbook. I was struck by several things as I looked through the book - 1) I used to look pretty good! 2) I think I was convinced that life couldn't get better than my senior year and that I would want to read and re-read and then read again all my silly little memories from that year - I haven't ever, by the way - and 3) I was all about having fun then. All these pictures of me in there show me laughing and goofing around with my friends. I think I was a pretty lighthearted girl back then. A few months ago Paul commented, too, that I used to "be a lot more fun." So, that's got me kind of thinking as to what has changed and is it necessarily a bad thing? This post may be awhile coming because I'm going to have to be introspective and actually find some time to think!

Well, I might get back here Friday, if I am lucky. Tomorrow is a busy day, being Wednesday. Plus, I am taking Will to the dr. He has a spider bite that is having a strange, strange reaction and I figured with all the talk of MRSA, I should have it looked at. Thursday all 4 boys go to the dentist, I have to run down to Knoxville to get our vehicles renewed and our new one licensed, then go back to town for Ben's class.

Oh, I found out yesterday that Will is not going to be able to get his school permit like I had planned for football season. He has to have driver's ed first and I can't find any area schools that are offering it during a time that he will be home. With camp and his mission trip, June and July are not totally free for him and that's when the area schools seem to be offering it. I really didn't want to spend the $325 anyway this year for him to take it. But this means that Ben will probably have to take a hiatus from his classes in the fall so that I can be available to take and pick up Will from practice. The price is shooting up to $400 next year, I have been told, so it would have been better for him to take it this year, but oh well! I did notice that some of the schools offered it in the spring so next year I'll look earlier and see if we can get into one of those slots.

I am wondering as I write all this how families with many, many children manage everything. Most days I feel like I am going crazy, trying to coordinate the schedules of the boys. It will be so much easier once they are grown and I just have Sam!

Gotta scoot and make lunch for the hordes...

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  1. Wow, i was tired before I read your post and then got exhausted just thinking about all the running you are going to have to do in the next few days. I pray that God gives you the strength to get it all done. I also got the 'you used to be so much fun' comment the other day. I want to be fun again and not always so serious and grouchy. I need to work on that in my spare time. :) And as far as those families with MANY kids, they have the older ones to help with the younger ones. That is the only way it would work. Crazy is the buzz word for the day. Hope it is blessed.