Friday, May 1, 2009


When I was a teenager and home on a Friday night I thought it was indicative of my status in life - so unloved and unpopular that I had no where to go! Now, I love being home on Friday nights!

As I was typing this, Ben made my night, maybe my week. Last night two sheriff's cars came into town and ended up at my neighbor's. This neighbor, Jean, is a single mom and has 3 young children. She has been married a couple of times, maybe 3, has had at least two different men living in her home since she moved to Swan a year ago, and mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she is now engaged to the one that currently resides with her. She's a very nice girl (yes, quite a bit younger than me!) but has obviously made some bad choices along the way. Well, one of the neighbor kids told my kids when the police arrived that Jean's current boyfriend had beat her up. I don't know if that is true or not, or how this neighbor kid knew that. Indeed, when I saw Jean today, out mowing, she didn't look battered. But anyway, the whole episode really caught Ben's attention and he had lots of questions last night. Well, just now he said to me, "They (meaning Jean and her boyfriend) are not good parents because the police had to come." I diplomatically said that Jean is probably a good mother, but has made some bad choices. Ben agreed and said, "But you and Dad made good choices. That means you are good parents!" I can accept that!

This was the second day in a row that I didn't get any school done with the kids - just too busy, running all over. Paul had his last neurology appt. in Ames at 8 this morning. For the past year or so, he's been participating in an epilepsy drug study. Every so often we have to go up to the McFarland Clinic for that. We finally decided to withdraw from the study this spring because ever since his dosage increased in Dec., Paul has been extremely fatigued. Even on the study drugs, his seizures didn't change in intensity or frequency. So, we'll live with the seizures and just keep him on the drug he's been on since 1996. Then, we got some breakfast and he went to work and I had to run into Michaels and Walmart in Ankeny. Then, I had to go to Walgreens and pick up 4 prescriptions for the boys. Unbelievable, all the meds! Some of it was just Ben's allergy stuff. To my utter surprise, his insurance didn't cover his Claritin. But I also picked up his Namenda, the alzheimer's drug he is taking, and I had been told his insurance would not cover it until he had been on it for 6 months. But it was completely covered! He also had a nose spray and Will had some triamcinolone for his hand. I was surprised his insurance covered that. Ben uses that for his skin and we have had trouble in the past getting that covered because that stuff is expensive! I remember once we were billed $118 for a 4 oz tube of it! Then I needed to go to the library. This was all with Sam in tow, which is not as easy as it used to be. He's squirmy and doesn't like to sit for any length of time.

I went home, greeted the boys, and took off again. Yesterday I drove to Knoxville planning to take care of all our vehicle stuff - renewing the tags on our current vehicles and licensing our new van. But, I was told that we had to have the sellers sign this new form, some disclosure type of statement. It's something the Iowa legislature quietly passed sometime since we last purchased a vehicle. Paul said I should have forged the guy's signature, but I couldn't do that (I can forge Paul's signature and have many times, but not someone else's!). But the county courthouse is a good half hour from my house, once I climb to the second floor, anyway, where the vehicle dept. is. So I had to do that today instead, making another hour round trip. While I was gone the boys kept Sam entertained on the trampoline. This week he decided he loves that thing. Today he spent an entire hour out there, jumping! None of the other three have ever tumbled off that thing - wonder if Sam will?

I came home and got to work on dinner. It turned out that Paul was off by 3, so he was able to take the boys to their 6pm softball practice. I was so happy! Sam slept almost the entire time while they were gone and so I had the house to myself, which was Heaven! It really gave me a taste for two weeks from now when Paul and the boys will be going overnight to the Father/Son retreat up at camp. I'll have Sam, but that won't be much of a problem. I am getting so excited about that! I plan to eat junk food and watch chick flicks and stay up really late (you know, like to 11:00!). The next day I have a couple of graduation parties to attend, but it won't be difficult with only Sam. I'm sure I'll be getting plenty giddy as the day approaches!

Tomorrow morning we'll be getting up early again. We're going up to Ames to help my brother and his family move. It's a joyous thing. It's kind of a long story, but they have struggled for several years to get to the point that they will be at tomorrow - homeowners in Iowa. From the time God put that desire in their hearts they have met roadblock after roadblock as they waited for His perfect timing. Finally, all the pieces are in place and tomorrow night they will be sleeping in their new home! So, I'm very happy for them. And I'll see my parents, too, because they are driving down to help.

So, that's the latest installment in my life! Nothing too exciting - just the days that form the quickly passing years!

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  1. Hope everything went smoothly with the move today. I am sure they appreciate all the help. I am envious of your upcoming time alone. But then again, when I do get time alone I am bored, sad, and miss them terribly. Dale and I are hoping to do a one night get away in the near future for his 40th birthday. I am really looking forward to waking up on my own, not from cries or taps that signal someone is hungry and no longer want to sleep.
    Hope you have a blessed weekend.