Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ok, I admit it - this post is about absolutely nothing at all and I am only writing it in an effort to put off doing real work - like cleaning my house. And I think I have Paul convinced that he and I need another date night (well, it has been 4 days since we were last out alone!) so I may be able to put off cleaning even longer.

Ben has had a non-stop runny nose since early yesterday. I figured he got his cold again - the one that keeps returning every 10 days or so. But it just occurred to me today that this could be allergies - duh! The kid is allergic to everything on the planet and he doesn't seem sick. But he is totally raw under his nose from wiping. So I took him to Urgent Care today. Last Sept. when I had the worst allergy attack of my life they gave me a prednisone shot that dried me up really fast. Well, they didn't want to do that for Ben because they were afraid it might interfere with his allergy shots (??). Actually, I walked in and told them I thought it was allergies. These people are totally susceptible to whatever I say, I have noticed. If I had gone in and said I thought he had a cold, we probably would have walked out with an antibiotic prescription. But since I told them it was allergies, he got a script for Allegra instead. I really don't think it is going to help. I have been giving him adult strength allergy meds for the past day and nothing is stopping this. Tomorrow he has his allergy shots and if he is still running then I will talk to his dr. about giving him a shot. Poor kid - I know exactly how he feels. It's just miserable! Last night he woke me up around 2am, asking for another pill and I noticed he spent rest of the night sitting up on the couch, trying to sleep upright so he could breathe.

In realizing that this is probably allergies I decided we probably should replace his mattress. We have had it since we got the bed, a decade ago, when I was pregnant with David. Both boys could use a new mattress. One of Ben's highest allergens is dust mites and they thrive and then die in mattresses. In the meantime, I think I'll buy an allergen cover for his mattress and pillow. I wonder, too... all fall and winter long he has insisted on stringing up blankets around his bed. He has the bottom of the bunks and so he can poke the blankets through the metal bars and make them hang up. He said it makes him feel cozy. But having all those blankets in his face all night - maybe that's causing him to have these allergy problems?

I'm watching Sam right now - he's such a little man! If he doesn't have a ball in his hand, he has one of Paul's tools (usually a hammer). Or he's climbing on something, or getting into food, usually hollering the whole time. Did I mention that he got ahold of a can of black spray paint? Yep. Now the bottom of the nice boards that Paul finished and hung for the doorway into the kitchen is black, as is the linoleum there - looks like we had a fire. No fire - just Sam! It's hard to believe that two years ago at this time he was no bigger than a jelly bean. I remember those days - curled up in a fetal position on my bed, hoping to die shortly. I'm so glad I'll never have to go through that again! Right now he is upset because he just knocked off my door decoration and I'm not immediately jumping up to fix it. Oh, and now he's running an comb up and down the wall. Now he's whipping Will's belt around the floor. I'm too old for this!

Yesterday I had a Kirby salesman come in. I am way too nice of a person. I didn't know their presentation would take 3 hours! When Will was a baby I let one come in, too. I had forgotten that until yesterday. Of course, on the plus side I now have a (presumably) clean living room carpet. It was kind of neat, though. About an hour into his presentation we figured out that I knew who his parents are - they're in my homeschool group. We didn't buy the vacuum as I am perfectly content with the one I have, despite it's inferior quality (according to the salesman). But you know, lately I have started praying for God to help me view daily interruptions as His plan for my day and opportunities for me to be able to minister to others. So, that's how I viewed this yesterday. Of course, I probably would have been a much bigger blessing if I had bought the vacuum!

All right - Sam now has the woodburner brush and is beating a tub lid to death it. He knows he isn't supposed to play with that. But he also knows I am on the computer! :( Better go be a good mom...

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