Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picture Time

Yesterday Sam turned 18 months old, so Tuesday, I took him for his picture. I'm good about pictures because it's my "thing." No matter what, I always take the boys in for their 6 month, 12 month, 18 month pictures, and then for every birthday thereafter. I love getting the new pictures up in the frames on the wall. That said, these pictures of Sam are still sitting in their cardboard envelope on the back room buffet. It's been a busy week!

Doesn't Sam look slightly angelic? I went with this shot because of his sweet smile, even though it's one I don't see that often. He's kind of a sober baby and I don't get that many pictures of him smiling - even candid shots. When he does smile it's more of a grimace, with his teeth bared. Lately, he's been thrusting out his lower jaw when he smiles, which cracks me up. He looks like the grandpa on Beverly Hillbillies! It dawned on me as I drove home Tuesday that this was almost the same smile he gave us for his 12 month shot last October. Oh well - I like it!

Like last time, it took some work to get him to smile pleasantly while sitting still. But I don't think we had that great of a photographer either. She seemed to be in a hurry. And when I informed her that, like normal, I would only be purchasing my $9.99 package, she seemed a bit put out with me. But I would say she's definitely the exception. I have always been pleased with the service out there (Portrait Innovations out at Jordan Creek).

I always look forward to getting the boys' pictures done, whether it's their baby shots or their 8th or 12th birthday. I hate to have to reschedule. I remember once, literally walking out the door, to take Will in for his 12 month shot, and he tripped and fell face first into our little tv that was sitting out in the middle of the living room floor. He put a hole in his forehead and I had to reschedule. Actually, I should have waited longer. If you look at that picture you can see a faint bruise on his forehead! So, last weekend I was concerned lest Sam would fall and smack up his face prior to Tuesday's appt. But he didn't and we went. I kid you not - moments after we got done with his shoot, he ran smack dab into a counter top and cracked his nose. It's still swollen! And then today we were outside and he tumbled head first into the iron basketball post. Now he has a goose egg on his forehead. Yesterday he fell off the back stoop and ended up wedged behind the air conditioner unit. But he just scraped his back that time. Poor kid!

Well, the subject of my discussion has just awakened from a short nap and sounds pretty grumpy. I think my computer time is done!Posted by Picasa

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  1. Oh, he is SO adorable!!! I love that smile. And, I totally understand the anxiety of avoiding the bumps and bruises (and scratches when it comes to Aiden). Never fails that Aiden scratches himself on his nose the day before pictures. Even if I cut is nails daily. Adds character. :) Hope you have a blessed weekend with your wonderful Godly blessings.