Monday, April 25, 2011

The Zoo, Travel Plans, and my Hair

I don't think I ever thoroughly woke up today - yawn! I need to start supper pretty quick here, but I've been wanting to update since the weekend, which didn't happen.

It's raining out - again! We did have a somewhat sunny Easter yesterday. There is a chance that the boys' games will be rained out again tomorrow night - which wouldn't break my heart! And then it's supposed to dry up and warm up by the end of this week. That's good, because we are going camping. We're going to go somewhere by Omaha and take in the zoo while out there. The last time the boys and I were at that zoo, it was 2004. I can't remember the last time Paul went. And then we moved out here and visited the Des Moines zoo - what a disappointment! There is just no comparison between the two! I am looking forward to Sam's reaction to all the animals. We'll spend all day Sat. there. I know Paul wants to see his grandma while we are out there because she just fell and broke her wrist. Not sure if we'll see his folks or not. Of course, his mother would kill us if she found out we had been in town, but hadn't visited...

I may -- or may not -- be going to Detroit this summer. My plan for the last year has been to attend the FaithWriters conference this Aug. I think it would be good for my writing and it would be an enjoyable time. But money has been SO tight for months now, although that should be changing once the weather warms up and Paul can get back to normal hours and even overtime. And, the clincher was that Paul discovered that he has to renew his licenses late this year, which will be oh, I think, something like $600 to do. That has to be done every 3 years - it's just a tax, that's all it is. So, I had regretfully decided that we both couldn't invest in our careers in the same year.

But then, yesterday, I heard from my dear friend, Kristi, who got me involved in FW in the first place. She's giving serious consideration to going to the conference. I just can't not go if she goes! So - I don't know! Paul thought about it and finally said that he has 4 bids out right now for new AC systems. If he gets all 4 jobs, then he didn't see why I couldn't go. So - I'll be praying! I have to register by June, so I'll know by then, anyway.

I am going to something fun next weekend, the day before Mother's Day. And no, it's not our church's annual Mother/Daughter brunch. I went to that once and just felt really out of place and uncomfortable, not having a mother nearby to bring or a daughter. People have told me not to mind and pointed out other female-less people who have attended. That's fine for them, but I just don't want to go if I have to go alone and sit alone and have it be so obvious that I am ALONE - kind of a like a single person attending a Valentine's banquet, I would imagine. The church where I attend a support group for sp. needs moms is hosting an event that morning, just for sp. needs mothers. There will be a speaker, who, herself, is a mom of a child with sp. needs. Then, we will all get massages, make-overs, and an opportunity to make some jewelry. It's totally free, too. Oh, and I think they're going to feed us, too. This definitely beats a Mother/Daughter brunch!

I have found some hair products I have to brag on for a few minutes. But, first, I have to back up. Back in March, after I had my surgery, I watched a lot of tv. I happened to catch an infomercial one day about a product line called "Wen." I had never heard of them before. It's designed by a Hollywood hair guy. But the commercial made it sound so great so I knew I wanted to try their shampoo. I did some research on-line and couldn't find anything negative - and found lots positive - about the line. They had a good introductory deal where you got a full bottle of the shampoo/conditioner, some styling gel, and some texturizing stuff, as well as a cool comb for a low, introductory price. Out of curiosity, I looked to see what Amazon sold their products for - woo-ee! Not a cheap line at all...So, I started using it and it is good stuff. Oddly enough, I found that it worked better when I alternated it with using regular shampoo. It seemed to build up on my hair.

Well, a few weeks ago I happened to be reading my Good Housekeeping and they mentioned and pictured a product by Organix called "Morroccan argan oil." I tore it out, thinking I might try it sometime, since the Wen stuff wasn't the end all and be all of hair products that I had hoped. Last week, I was at Walmart and just happened to stumble across some of this oil - and it was only $6 for a good sized bottle! I bought some and used it - oh my goodness! My hair has never been so soft and manageable in all my life! I know I sound like a commercial, but this is good stuff! The next day I went back to the store and bought their Moroccan shampoo and conditioner. I'm alternating it with the Wen until I get the Wen stuff used up. 12 oz bottles of Wen shampoo sell on Amazon for about $30, not including shipping. I can buy a 13 oz bottle of Organix shampoo for $6 with no tax and shipping and it works even better! Anytime I find something that actually works on this stubborn hair of mine, I get excited!

Well, I need to take my lovely head of hair into the kitchen and get dinner started. I've got more to share, so I'll be back soon!

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