Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Power of Recognition

I realized that the next few things I wanted to talk about all kind of fall under the same heading - thus the title. But first, a funny: Ok, it's a funny where I couldn't laugh out loud but since I was in the other room, just overhearing it, I was safe. Will and David were talking one day last week and Sam suddenly decided that HE needed to talk to Will. So he attempted to interrupt David, but David kept right on talking. Sam got so frustrated that he finally yelled, "Dabid - SHUT UP!" It's horrible, but it tickled my funny bone, just the same!

Ok, on to my topic: Yesterday was an exciting day because I got a package from RBP. Inside was the March 6, 2011 issue of Horizons. And there's my name, right on the front! And then I about fell over when I opened it up because inside, alongside my story are about 6 family pictures that I sent RBP. I'm confused because they had originally requested some family pics and I sent them. But then their graphics guy suggested we find some pictures of our church ministering to Ben and other sp. needs kids since that was what the article was about. So, my pastor sent them about 20 different pictures. And then they ended up using my pics instead! I really, really hope the article with the pictures doesn't come off as self-serving. That wasn't my intent at all. And then after the article there is a little blip about me and names Paul and the boys. I only sent that information in because they requested it. So anyway, Will looked through the article and then breathed, "We're going to be famous!" I don't really think that's going to happen. All I did was write a story about our experience with Ben and how the church can help meet the needs of families with special needs children. So, if there's any notoriety, it will be limited and short-lived, I'm sure!

Also, yesterday, I went to the bank. I do this every two weeks when running errands. We bank in Des Moines, which makes this next event even more amazing, in my mind. It's not like Des Moines is a small town. It's the capital of Iowa - biggest city in the state! So anyway, I pull into the drive-through and the teller greets me, "Hi Sarah!" You know, the last time I was there I thought she had used my name, but I wasn't sure. But it was definite yesterday. All I did was pull up. I hadn't put my deposit through yet, so that she could read it off my slip. She knows me! And then she repeated my name again when I left. It's such a little thing but wow - impressive!

And then today, I received a message through the FaithWriters message system. It was a thank you from another writer, whose name I did not recognize. She told me that a couple of weeks ago I had commented on her piece and what my words meant to her. She said tears streamed down her face as she read my note and she felt as though she now had the courage to continue writing. That sure intrigued me because I sure didn't remember writing anything exceptionally positive to anyone. So I did a little digging and found what I had written. At the time I wrote, I didn't know, of course, to whom I was writing. When we comment on other pieces, it's generally during the time when we don't know who has written what yet. But she's in the Beginner level, brand new to FW. I had commented on how much I enjoyed her writing and suggested some ways she could "clean up" her writing so as to make it more enjoyable to the reader. I think she has some real potential. But I wasn't gushy or anything and I didn't tell her she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was just a note. But to her, it meant everything. What a lesson to me!

Well, time to get cracking on supper. Suppose my family will give any recognition for that? Yeah, I can keep dreaming...

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  1. I would like to read your article re: church & special needs as I was just discussing this w/my husband Sunday. Will it be online?