Monday, January 31, 2011

Comedy,Snow,and How to Embarass a Teenage Boy

I'm typing this one on my laptop, which is always a challenge. But Will is eating lunch (at 4pm!) and playing Madden on the desktop. That kid has such an odd eating schedule. Ever since he was little he absolutely hates to eat in the morning and won't until close to lunchtime. So then he eats lunch mid-afternoon and supper around 8pm. Ever since we began this work on the house last year we haven't been eating suppers as a family except on Sundays, so Will is able to get away with that.

As I'm typing I hear Tim Hawkins coming out of the living room. He is so funny! For those of you that aren't familiar with him, he's a homeschool dad and Christian comedian. He does parodies of popular Christian songs. I'll never hear, "I Can only Imagine" without thinking of his version - "I Can only Eat Margarine"! Just today Will downloaded Tim's, "I Don't Drink Beer" sung to the melody of "I Will Be Here." That's awful! Just today the boys ordered tickets to see him with their own money. He's coming to Des Moines in April and the plan is that Will will take Ben and David and they'll all go see him out at Valley Church. There is a possibility that Will be gone at Prom Alternative that weekend. If the timing works out that way, then Paul or I will take the other two boys and pay Will back for his ticket.

Well, I have started to exercise - kind of. Last summer I had bought these dancing exercise dvds and they about did me in. I am so out of shape! But I bought a Christian walking dvd and I've been using that. It's a little easier on me. But I still fight the "don't want tos" when it comes to actually doing the exercise. I wish there was a vitamin I could take that would make exercise unneeded.

We have a storm moving in. There could be 12-18" of snow. Holy cow! There's saying travel will be very dangerous. I'm pretty bummed because Melissa and I were supposed to go out tomorrow night. We haven't cancelled yet, but I'm assuming that will probably happen. It's just very still today - kind of eerie.

Something kind of funny and embarrassing happened over the weekend. Poor Will! I ended up with a hickey on the side of my neck. I'll leave it to your imagination as to how it got there. I had nothing to do with it, however. So, I had a shirt on that did a pretty good job of covering it, I thought. I'm in the kitchen and Will walked through and gasped, "What happened to your neck?!" I said something about how he ought to ask his dad about that. Poor Will turned beet red and said, "Well, you're going to wear a turtleneck to church tomorrow, right?" I did! I told Paul and he asked me to repeat the story at least 3 times to him. I don't know if he felt bad or just thought it was funny. We've probably permanently scarred him.

The youth group did the entire service last night at church. They did such a fantastic job! I thoroughly enjoyed it. We have such a good group of kids in our church.

Well, I didn't win the Our Iowa writing contest. I can live with that, but it really irked me to read the entries that did win - the writing just wasn't that good! David said I was "jealous" but I don't think it was really that. If someone's going to beat me, then beat me. But don't choose a poorer writer over me! Grrr.... Although, with the string of non-winning entries I've had lately with FW, maybe I'm not exactly the best person to judge quality writing!

I am writing one thing new these days...our city sign. I volunteered to take over the sign last week. I got tired of seeing the same messages up for weeks and weeks at a time. So it's my job now to create pithy sentiments and put them on the sign, along with any announcements we have to share. It's a bigger job than I realized - just a bit of a pain to unlock the sign, prop the cover up, kneel in the mud, and center everything. But it will be fun. My first message was, "If Winter comes, can spring be far behind?" I think it's part of an old poem.

Well, I'm all caught up on my blogging now. It's been a productive day. Off to make supper and hunker down for the snowstorm!

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