Saturday, January 22, 2011


I had a pretty good week this week, despite a little bit of negativity that crept in. Some of the good things:

* As I sit here typing, Paul and the boys are out cutting wood. That's because he got his truck running today!!!! We've been burning propane for the past week and a half because we ran out of wood and had no way to get more. Now, all is well again. Next step: buying a car for Will. Then our vehicle trials are OVER!

*My moms group met Tuesday night. Just three of us showed up. What a blessing it was, still, even with the small numbers. As it turned out, the three of us who came all have children on the autism spectrum, so a lot of our conversation centered around that. I came home so refreshed.

* A salesman came to our house Mon. night to try and sell us a cooling system for our attic. I think we're going to do it, but do it ourselves. We can buy the same material he sells from Menards and I think we can do it quite a bit cheaper. But, while we waited for Paul, the salesman was telling me about his son who has Kawasaki syndrome. That's what I believe John Travolta's dead son had. A lot of the symptoms are autistic in nature. He and his wife are attempting to decide what to do about schooling. When he learned I homeschooled, he was very interested, as it is something they are considering. I almost hated to tell him I'm not hs Ben anymore, though!

* I made it to Bible Study this week. Oh, what a tremendous blessing that was to me. We're doing a series on the home. What we do is listen to part of a message by the dead preacher, Adrian Claiburn, and then we fill out worksheets and discuss them. It was a group of 7 of us that met. I came away, very uplifted in spirit.

* And I went to scrapbooking last night. I don't think I had made it since before football season started. I got 30 pages done - a good night!

* A friend of mine called with the results of her cancer testing - negative! This is my neighbor, a woman a few years older than my parents. She told me, "You're a good friend, Sarah." That warmed my heart, for some reason.

Well, now there's a postscript to Blessing #1. A few minutes ago I had to drive down and rescue Paul and the boys. He got the truck stuck in the woods. Now he's home, as darkness is settling, trying to find chains and jacks to free the truck. And so it goes...

My next post will cover some of the not-so-great things of this past week - something to look forward to for you! :)

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