Monday, January 31, 2011

Muscle Man

Here's Will, playing with his new "toys." He had a gift card to Scheels from Christmas and went out there last week to use it. They're some sort of exercise/push-up device. He's got a set of weights up in his bedroom and from time to time we hear this "thump" through the ceiling. Getting his body into prime football shape seems to be his goal these days, which is good. He's drinking lots of chocolate milk though and insisting I buy him V-8 Fusion drinks. I don't think milk is a healthy drink at all (pasteurized and homogenized - raw would be terrific), so I don't encourage that, but the V-8 is fine. I just wish he'd be willing to go healthier on his eating. Although, I did make organic chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and he's been chowing those down, so maybe there's hope! Those cookies I made are SO good that I can't believe they're good for you! But they are. I'll definitely be making them again.

I'm taking a break from deep-cleaning my bedroom. I just moved the mattress and box spring and about broke my arm. I can't believe how much dust is in that room. One wall is dark green and I can just see all these dust bunnies clinging to it. I'm sure I'll be sneezing before I get all done with it.

Potty training is really coming along for Sam. He' s been telling me all last week that "only babies wear diapers." He's doing really well at telling me when he needs to go. I'm hopeful that by summer he'll be in underwear full time. Even the poopy training is coming along. Although, right now the only way that works is if I sing to him. I think I wrote about that. I've been doing a lot of singing lately. Sam will even tell me, "I need to go poopy, so you need to come sing to me." It's hard to believe I'll have one trained this early. Of course, this is probably normal, but the other boys were all 5+ before they trained!

The next thing we'll have to work on is the screaming. Sam has decided it's appropriate to scream whenever he's displeased. That is one year old behavior, so I am not happy about it. I'll probably have to start thumping him on the lips when he does that. Very annoying.

Well, my allotted time is up. I'll post this and then get back and do another one in-between bouts of deep cleaning. I could never make it as a maid - too hard of work. Paul's aunt moved back to Iowa in the last year and that's what she does. People pay her $25 an hour to clean their houses. She almost has enough clients to be up to 40 hours a week now. Wow...I'd rather sit at my computer and make up stories, I think!

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