Monday, January 31, 2011

A Dream, Gross Little Boys, and Living Healthy

Woo-hoo - almost done with my bedroom! What a job. I found a so-moldy-it-was-black baby bottle underneath the bed. Nasty, nasty! But it's all cleaned out now, even the closet.

Sam wandered in while I was working and suddenly asked me, "Why they talking 'bout Jesus' blood?" I had a cd of Christian favorites playing and he was listening to the words. So I gave him a sanitized version of Calvary. He was shocked! "They put nails in Jesus' feet?" Then later he asked me, "Did God die on the cross, too?" Well, technically...But I didn't want to try to explain the Trinity to a three year old, so I just told him, "Only Jesus died." It will be neat in the coming years to lead another sinner to the cross.

For those of you who receive my blog posts by email, I'm sorry if you're suddenly getting all these old posts. I'm in the process of going through and de-tagging them all. I didn't like the cluttered look I was getting on my home page. The only way I have figured out how to do it is to remove the tag and then re-publish the blog post. It's tedious work. Just ignore them if they're coming into your IN box.

I had the most amazing dream Sat. morning. Last Friday was the one year anniversary of my friend, Julie's, death. So she was on my mind and I'm sure that's why I dreamed about her. In the dream, she had come back to see me. Only, she was in my parents' old house, sitting on their old couch I grew up with. She was explaining to me how in Heaven, God's love is ever present; you can't escape it. She described it as a "cloak wrapped around you" at all times. It was so real. It was Julie's voice and her vibrant red hair. At one point I asked her if my grandma was in Heaven, which I really don't know why I would ask that. My grandmother was very stubborn in her rejection of Christ all her life and I have no reason to expect to see her ever again. But Julie told me she wasn't allowed to divulge that information - I'd have to wait and see myself someday. And then there was one funny thing she said as my dream ended. She told me that a lot of communication in Heaven takes place by email - only up there, they've had it for generations while we've only had it for about 15 yrs down here! I woke up smiling from that one!

If only I could have floated on that dream all day Saturday...but no, reality soon kicked in. At one point during the day, I walked into the kitchen to find the floor was all wet in this huge circle and Sam was "cleaning" it with his formerly-dry and formerly-white socks. I asked him, "How did the floor get all wet?" So he showed me. He took a drink of kool-aid (made with cane sugar, though!) out of his sippy cup and spit it on the floor and then proceeded to mop it with his socks. ARgh! I know, I know a little girl would never have thought to do such a nasty thing!

I did get away on Saturday, morning, though. I went to a Natural Living Expo at Hy-Vee Hall. It was a bit of a disappointment. Apparently, there is supposed to a bigger one in April, though. They had a number of chiropractors and people peddling nasty drinks that are supposed to clean you out, make you healthy, and give you a long life, all in one. My favorite booth was the one where they were selling jewelery. What that has to do with natural living, though, I'm not sure! I did have a nice long conversation with a young farmer from Chariton. They raise pigs and chickens, totally antibiotic and steroid free, completely free-range. So, I got some pricing on buying a pig if we want to do that at some point. I did ask them about raw milk sources. I seem to be striking out on that. Apparently, Iowa has some pretty tough penalties for farmers who sell milk. It must just be for cow's milk because I never had trouble buying raw goat's milk for the boys when they were babies. So, anyway, farmers are reluctant to risk that kind of punishment. I have heard it is really easy to make homemade butter - if you have raw milk. And that would be a huge financial savings. The farmer's wife did tell me that she knew of some ladies that used to go to Missouri to buy raw milk because it's not illegal there. However, they were taking a risk because transporting raw milk across state lines is a federal offense! Can you believe that? You'd think I was trying to score crack cocaine or something. Although, I'd apparently have an easier time finding the cocaine.

Afterwards, I was hungry and my first thought was to hit a drive-through, preferably Burger King, because I love their onion rings! But I could not bring myself to do it, for health reasons. None of their food is organic and study after study shows how unhealthy it is. I remember hearing out at my old dr's office that one of the dr's there had a happy meal on a plate that had been sitting out for 2 years, totally preserved. I don't want that junk in my body. Fortunately, I had brought along a bag of organic pretzels from Trader Joes, so I just munched on those instead. It's a pain in the neck becoming healthy...

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