Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where are my Little Boys?

It was -10 this morning. We got a bunch of new snow yesterday. It was supposed to be blowing around today but it really doesn't seem to be. A bunch of schools called off in anticipation of that. Will started Driver's Ed last week up at Carlisle high school and he was really hoping they would be open today because they have to make up in missed classes. So far, so good. They are open, but if they close early then Driver's Ed. will be cancelled, as well. Will and David are currently up at City Hall, shoveling out the walk and mailbox. It takes them a good hour to do that.

We have co-op pick up today. The truck is supposed to arrive at 3:30, although I will not be surprised if it is later than that. It's coming from Iowa City and the storm was supposed to be worse on that side of the state today. But we're supposed to be in Des Moines at that time for Ben's allergy shots and social skills class. I guess I'll have to bail on those.

As mentioned, Will did start Driver's Ed. He's enjoying it, I thinks. He found out his driving instructor is a Christian and she knows some of the kids in his youth group. I guess I still don't see a need for Will to take the class, particularly when he has already been taught how to drive. Homeschoolers have pushed for years for a bill to allow parent taught driver's education, but it never passes. I suppose it would put the driving education companies out of business. But it cost us $335 to enroll him in the class! And he already knows how to drive well! I suppose if he learns one thing that keeps him from wrecking in the future, then it will be worth it, though...I know several homeschooling families who are opting to just drive their kids around until they are 18 and then have them take a driving test with someone from the DMV. That's a way to save money, but we really could use an additional driver with our busy schedules. Now, Paul and I are tossing around ideas on how to provide a vehicle for Will to drive later on this year. I am hoping that he is able to get his school permit this summer so that I don't have to take him in for 6am weight lifting for football!

Sam is ready to drive! The other day I was getting ready to leave with him and instead of getting into his carseat, he climbed up into the front seat of the van, chortling, "Dive, dive!" To my utter amazement, he then revealed a set of keys that he had swiped off the keyrack in the house. I didn't know he had done that! But he was all set to go driving! Oh, boy!

Ben's voice is changing - deepening. I did not expect that quite yet. I guess I should not be surprised because his body is rapidly changing all over the place. He had a cold a couple of weeks ago and then one morning his voice was obviously deeper and raspier. I assumed it was from the cold. But he's perfectly well now and his voice is still deep! I don't know what to think! I guess part of me is pleased. It's been fun for me to watch Will grow into a man's body. I've been getting a kick out of watching his "peach fuzz" on his upper lip lately as it is getting longer and darker (time to break out the shaver, I think!) and I'm glad to see Ben physically maturing. But with him, it also gives me a bit of anxiety. My role is supposed to change as he gets closer to manhood. But you know, I still have to remind this kid to flush the toilet and I have to tie his shoes and button his pants. I have to hold his hand when we walk through parking lots. His body is 13, but his mind is not. So, it's a paradox that I find myself in. I feel like I'm mothering a little boy - who is almost taller than me! And the whole thing brings up anxieties for me - how will we get through all his teen years? How will we handle his sexual awareness when it comes? When do we let him start doing things independently with the youth group? How will he handle himself? What happens after high school? I could do the little boy - but this - man! No pun intended...

Something funny: the other day David asked me, "If we were rich, would we get a butler?" Ha, ha. ha! I told him I think I could answer my own door, no matter how much money I had. But I would be open to getting a maid! Who am I kidding? I'd get her before I'd buy my mansion or red sports car!

Until then...I think I'm on my own - speaking of which, that kitchen isn't going to clean itself! Back to business...

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  1. Drivers Ed.? - I am so not ready for that. And in the snow to boot! so brave out of necessity! CA people can't drive on a dry day let alone when a little moisture starts falling from the sky.

    Also not ready for the deepening voice and such, though Andrew asks me often if he thinks his voice has changed (I don't notice it yet).

    Maid, personal chef, personal shopper/assistant and chauffer would top the short list before butler, but I like David's logic. :)