Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dead Animals and the Inside of My Head

I think this is my last blog, as far as getting caught up goes. I do have a couple of FaithWriter's pieces I want to post, but after this, I will have relayed all I jotted down as being blog-worthy. I'm sorry - I know it's overwhelming for my readers. I have had more than one friend ask, "How can you write SO much?' It's easy when you live in your head, like I do. Of course, it might be better for both myself and everyone around me if I'd step out of that world every so often!

Just last night I had a revelation that did more than just prick my conscience - it was more like a body blow. David likes to talk a lot. He's a verbal kid and he feels the need to share just about every thought he ever has - which is fine. I enjoy him so much because we have similar personalities. Well, it seems like he is always wanting to chat with me when I'm on the computer! I hate shooing him away, but I cannot think and talk at the same time. Last night I was thinking about this, wondering just why it is he's always coming around when I'm attempting to write. And then it hit me - because that's where I am. If I weren't on the computer, he'd talk to me elsewhere. But since I'm here a lot, this is where he has to chase me down. Ouch!

We got our last deer butchered two weeks ago - just in the nick of time. It had been hanging in our garage for 6 weeks, which is too long. But it's been plenty cold so there wasn't any danger of the meat going bad, we didn't think. There's just been too many other things to do. Paul went out there one day and discovered that some animal had gnawed off a huge portion of the hind leg! Oh, he was mad! He got his shotgun, stalked out to the garage with a gleam in his eye - and came back empty-handed. He couldn't find the culprit. So, he wrapped chains around the deer and hoisted it up high. Later that night, Will grabbed his gun and said he wanted to see what he could do. He walked out to the garage and there sat a possum - nasty little overgrown rats! Will shot him right between the eyes. He was so pleased with himself! He came back into the house, sighed, and said, "I love killing things!"

Paul got the deer skinned about a day later and discovered that there was mold growing inside the ribs! He didn't think that was possible because it had been so cold for so long. So, between that and what the possum had eaten, we only got about half that deer. I sure hope we can pick up a roadkill sometime this year. I hate buying hamburger!

I undertook an ambitious project last week and even got done! I went through all my cds and downloaded my favorite songs to the computer and then burned them disks. So instead of having dozens of cds cluttering up my cupboard (where I store them - easy access for when I'm in the kitchen and want to listen to music) I only have a handful now. I love it! There were a few cds that I just like almost every song - like some of my praise and worship and showtune cds. But the rest, honestly - there's only a few songs I'm crazy about on each cd. I'm having fun listening to them now. Some of these songs I haven't listened to in years!

Ben has been bugging me non-stop about burning a cd for him. So, I'm going to try to that today. David wants one too. He "bought" Will's old portable cd from him and now he wants music for it. Will told him he would "sell" it to David for the price of David playing a certain amount of basketball with him. I love it!

Paul was given a compliment at work a couple of weeks ago. There had been a customer complaint about one of the other service guys. He claimed that the service tech claimed more time than it actually took for him to do the job. And now the furnace still wasn't working right. But the customer refused to have this same service tech come back because he didn't trust him to write down the correct time. So, they sent Paul out. The dispatcher told Paul that they needed someone "trustworthy" to go this time. Wow - what a compliment! That's neat that his employer is noticing his character.

Paul's just a stand-up kind of guy. That's probably why he didn't send me packing the many times that he probably felt like it. Last week when we were on our way home from the funeral, traffic suddenly slowed to almost a stop. When we got closer, we saw there was something in the middle lane of traffic and cars were diverting to the two side lanes. So, Paul pulls off to the shoulder and gets out. He's in a suit, tie, dresscoat, and shoes - not really dressed for this. So, I'm sitting there, just praying that he doesn't get hit! I would not have done that. My attitude is generally, "somebody else will do it!" But not Paul. It was a huge part for the cab of a pick-up. It had been in a box that tumbled off a delivery truck and then split open when it hit the pavement. It was the size of a couch. But Paul got it back in the box and pushed off to the shoulder. Then, the delivery truck guy came running up and was able to get it back to his truck. And that was that - we were on our way again. Paul was safe and I was once again, impressed, with the caliber of the man I married - quiet, humble, and willing to do what needs to be done. I am so fortunate!

All right - back to the real world now. I've got housework, valentines, and schooling to do. And half my day is alread gone!

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  1. Will cracks me up with his, "I love killing things!" How nonchalant (sp) you are about them and gun. I would be scared to death but then again they have grown up around them, know them, and respect them. Mine have no clue what to do with one.

    Lexi is my verbal one too and she ALWAYS talks (even in her sleep)! I find myself shooing her away when I am on the computer or for that one show a day I might want to watch on the DVR for peace and quiet while she colors. She feels the need to narrate what she is doing at all times and get validation. I really have to watch that I am not just 'ya ya'ing her (which I can't stand when Dale does that to me). I guess every family has to have a chatter box. Mine is Lexi, yours is David. :)

    I really need to work on something you mentioned on our yahoo group.... taking something someone says and then making it about myself. I know that it might not have been meant about me but I see that I do that at times and I did hijack her post because it hit so close to home with something that is so heavy on my heart right now, really wanting to go back to BR life. I am really going to work on this (not that this comment has reflected that work) :)

    Hope you have a blessed week.