Saturday, February 6, 2010


I haven't posted lately about the most delicious 2 year old on the planet, so I'd better do that! There he is, at left, "fixing" his John Deere ATV. It was cute - the music wouldn't play anymore on this thing, so he flipped it over, and told me, "Sam fixI recently found a whole pile of real screwdrivers underneath his bed. Apparently, he's been stashing them! We bought him toy tools for his birthday, but he seems to prefer the real thing!

Sam's still into Scooby. I cannot believe how transfixed he is by those dvds. Normally, toddlers don't sit still for an entire program. They'll watch tv for a few oments, bop off to do something else, and then come back for more viewing. Sam's that way with everything he watches - except for Scooby Doo. A few weeks ago in church he called out, "Dooby Doo - where are you?" I wasn't quick enough with the bag of snacks (used to fill his mouth so he can't talk)! And then he recently, very seriously, asked me, "Where monter?" (monster)

Sam has discovered stickers. He calls them "stickies" and puts them all over himself. He was frustrated the other day when he was running around shirtless and tried to put stickers on his tummy. Much to his chagrin, they kept falling off!

One morning this week Sam came down the stairs at 6am. He walked into our room and I mentally groaned, assuming I'd have to pull him into bed with us. There wouldn't be any more sleep once that happened! Sam stood there and asked, "Where Dabid?" I told him that he was in bed. Then he asked, "Where Ben?" I replied that he was in bed, too. Sam looked at me for a moment and then turned around and went back upstairs vto bed! I wonder what that was all about?!

Sam's new word this week has been "tan't," as in, "Tan't get it!" It's so cute! I hope it's a long time before he can talk right! Yesterday he grabbed Will's cell phone, flipped it open, and astonished, exclaimed, "Haw-dye! Haw-dye!" Will put a picture of the Hawkeye emblem on his screen. I love these days!

I do have other children, although it seems like I post mostly about Sam. It's just been so long since I had one this short and cute!

Oh, speaking of short, or rather not-short: At the start of fall I bought Ben all new dress slacks and jeans. He can't wear Will's hand me downs because he is so ultra-skinny. A few years ago pants manufacturers began offering slacks and jeans with adjustable waistbands - strips of elastic in the waisteband, punctuated by button holes that then attach to buttons sewn on the inside of the waistband - ingenious! I sewed tucks in hundreds of pants for Ben and now I don't have to do that anymore! Anyway, he has outgrown every single pair I bought. So, in Nov. I bought him all new dress pants again and I've been slowly replacing the jeans. Last Sunday he get dressed for church and I see that his navy slacks are hovering above his ankles! I cannot believe this! How can one kid grow that fast in that short of a period of time? I should have invested in Levi or Wrangler stock...

Yesterday Sam was asking me where Will was. I told him he was probably in his bedroom (which is now an "official" Hawkeye bedroom, thanks to my tireless painting - I'll post a picture sometime). Then Sam started hollering, "Will out-tide! Will out-tide!" I told him, no he's not - he's up in his room! but Sam insisted that Will was outside. So I went over the couch where Sam was standing looked out the window. Sure enough, Will was outside. And he was shoveling out the driveway of our neighbor across the street. She's a single lady and doesn't get home until after dark most days. I was so proud of him! I told him that when he came in and Will said, "Well, Mom, I've been doing that every time it snows!" I didn't know that! What a good kid I have!

All my kids are good. Some are just more delightful on some days than others! For example, Ben informed me this week that he likes to kick David, because it makes him feel good to get back at his brother...sigh...

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