Thursday, August 13, 2009

Matt, the Computer Man

This is my brother, Matt (along with my wonderful nephew, Jake). Matt fixed my computer over the weekend and I promised him I would blog about him (because ringing,public endorsements from me are greatly to be desired, you know!). My computer is working SO well! He's the reason I was able to post those Faithwriter's pieces. Prior to that, I couldn't copy and paste. He found the reason (an "encryption" error - sounds very technical). He also completely cleaned up my keyboard. I had no idea it had so much crud in it. I haven't been able to use my numeral pad for months and now it works! It is a sheer pleasure to type on that thing these days. And my computer fan doesn't make any noise at all anymore.

Anyway, since Matt has a lot of time off right now (remember to pray for a job for him!) he is available to fix your computer if you live in the Des Moines/Ames area. He said that if you mention that you're a friend of mine, he'll give you a real budget price, too. Mine was a batch of pumpkin/chocolate chip cookies, but I suspect he's thinking something green from everyone else. But it would still be a good deal.

Thanks, Matt!

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