Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking Good, but Humble

That's me, taken a few minutes ago. I look like I'm stuffed up and miserable because I am. It's August when the ragweed blooms and I sneeze. Today has been particularly rough. I took so many drugs that I ended up zzzing out on the couch for a couple of hours. Sure hope the boys didn't need me during that time!

I like clothes. I enjoy shopping for them, accessorizing them, and (thankfully for the rest of you) wearing them. What can I say - I'm a girl! And it's probably because of this that I inwardly cringe when I see frumpy women my age. You know which ones I'm talking about. They usually have a handful of kids and make it appear that there are no mirrors in their house. Their hair is frizzed out with split ends and dark roots. A lot of times their clothes don't fit well and don't go together. Sometimes they're a good ten years out of date. That may sound a bit harsh and I don't mean it to. I have a few friends that fall into this category. I can't help but notice their appearance, but I don't hold it against them. The thing is - it's not necessary to be this way. It's very possible to dress nicely and have enough clothing on a shoestring budget. I know this because my clothing budget is definitely shoestring-like!

As I have gotten older I have come to realize that my style preference is that of "classic." I'm not real big on showing off large expanses of skin and I like classy looks - blazers, fitted tops, solid colors, etc. It's probably my mom's influence more than anything. They do say you turn into your mother after a period of time. But because of that I find myself shopping more and more at stores like Penneys, Kohls and Christopher and Banks - nice, moderately-priced stores. Wednesday I was in Christopher and Banks and I was so excited to find a long denim skirt! I have been searching for one for over a year now. I bought it full price, which is something I rarely do. But I didn't want this one to get away. So as I'm checking out, the clerk, who was probably in her early twenties, if that, says to me, "Oh, I recognize your top!" I was wearing a clearance rack buy I had found at the beginning of this week at the same store. I laughed and said, "You'd probably recognize a lot of my wardrobe!" She then replied, "Yeah - my mom, too!"

Whoa! That took me aback. I'm supposed to be a young-looking, stylish football mom. I'm the one that people are always surprised to hear has a teenaged son (a fact that give me an inordinate amount of pleasure, I have to admit). But apparently, I'm little older than I thought! So as I left the store, my back was a little more hunched, my steps a little more measured. I'm getting older, there's nothing I can do about it, and now the younger generation classifies me as their mom's peer. Life is sad...

Actually, the only thing sadder would be if I was trying to look younger. You've all seen those women - skin like leather from laying out for the past 35 years, bleached blond hair held high up on their head in a pony tail, short denim skirt, harsh make-up, and a voice like gravel from the cigarettes they've sucked down since they were 12. Now that is sad. Next to that, I still have the dew of youth glistening on my unlined skin!


  1. You are too funny! I overheard a conversation last night where someone asked this gentleman how old his grandson was, only to find out it was his son! THAT would make me feel old if someone thought I was a grandma.

    I am not good with my sense of style. Never take the time to shop or keep up with myself. Something I long to work on, but shoestring budget might be an over exaggeration at this moment and time. Sad when I have some of the same clothes from when I first met Dale 10 years ago, and trust me they need to find the trash can soon. Working on it in baby steps. :)

    Hope you have a blessed weekend and that your allergies improve soon!

  2. I can't really say a whole lot. I went for over 7 years without buying any clothes-we seriously did not have the time and Frankie was working nights so I never got to shop without both kids- and Cannon cannot tolerate shopping. I did throw out my work dress pants that got a hole wore in them does that count??
    I think you will remember I use to be very big into clothes and jewelry, but life wore me out.
    About 2 years ago- I did go to Penney's and bought many pieces of clothing that could be interchanged, but a las Frank still commented I looked "frumpy". He is much better now. He wanted me to dress like I did when we married (hello ? I was 20 years old). So, I try to buy one piece of clothing that is "in fashion" each season change.
    Truthfully, there were years we did not have the money for any updates at all because GASP- Jewel and Cannon grew like weeds and Jewel is your kinnda girl-things must match- the gall (I hope it is apparent I am being ironic). When I complain my mom--in-law reminds me I did pray for a girlie girl like I use to be- and I GOT ONE! Someday when my little fashionista has money of her own and I can convince Frank to move his boxes of comic books out of our bedroom so I can have some room :) I will have cute matchy things again. I have come to loathe shopping, but I never seem to have the time or energy right now and come to think of it.. I have no shopping partners- maybe that is it.

    anyway... I think you look great and you DON'T look like you have a teenage son!!!!!!!