Friday, August 21, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

Last Sat. we took the boys to Adventureland. We'll never do that again - go on a Saturday, that is. We thought that with the Fair opening, there would be fewer people at Adventureland. That definitely was not the case. My allergies were rough that day - of course - it IS August! And it rained intermittently. We have been to Adventureland three times now since we moved out here and do you know, it has rained every single time?! We visited Kokomo Kove, the new water park attraction they added to the park. It is definitely over-hyped. "Water park" is too grandiose of a word for a couple of water slides. They need a wave pool or something. I did change to my swimsuit but after getting sprayed with water while waiting in line I decided it wasn't worth it and just laid out on a chair, waiting for the boys to get their fill. It seemed like the ride workers were short-tempered too. Paul was kind of bummed out by everything. We have had such great trips there before and this wasn't going all that well. But, his mood did improve in the evening. He and Will went to play some of the games and he won this huge Herky (the Hawkeye mascot) for Will by tossing a softball into a milk can. Will was beyond thrilled. And then later Will won a little Herky for David, which pleased him. Of course, Sam has already claimed little Herky, though! Ben played skeeball for a little bit. He never did well enough to win any prizes but when he made that ball jump over the rings and go down into one of the higher circles, he was so excited! He was jumping up and down and Paul said later he thought Ben was going to start crying from excitement! It just really emphasized to us how important it is that we find something that he can be good at to do in life. So far, there really isn't anything.

Oh, and I had my ego boosted a little bit. I did that game where they try to guess your age within a year. I did it, though, after visiting Kokomo Kove, so my hair was frizzed out and my make-up was gone. Next time I want to do it straight off the bat before I look worn out. But I won a ball for Sam after the worker guessed me to be 35 and I gleefully told him "Nope - I'm 38!" So, it wasn't a totally bad day - wore me out, though - that's for sure!

Sam bit me the other night. He wasn't being mean, but he just calmly leaned over and took a bite out of my forearm. Man, that hurt! Now I have a bruise the size of a silver dollar. I did smack him on the leg. I hope he gets past this fast. Ben was a biter, as I recall. That wasn't fun.

Paul and I went to the Fair Tuesday, just for a little bit. We helped out at the GARB booth from 6-9, but got there around 4, so we had a couple of hours to walk around, which was nice - no kidlets! Afterwards we went out to the midway for a little bit and watched a couple of really scary looking rides. They were charging $25 for the rides. We both agreed that no 4 minute ride is worth spending $25, no matter how rich you are! I did have a fried twinkie on a stick. I had always wanted to try one and finally did. Oh, it was good! What's not to love - twinkies and deep frying? Yum, yum, yum! The only thing better would be if they rolled it in chocolate before sprinkling it with the powdered sugar!

Sam has started adding the word "need" after asking for things this week. It's so cute! He'll say, "shoe nee" or "baba nee" ("need bottle").

Last evening Will had a scrimmage game for football. We never could quite figure out where he was. I believe he even played at one point, but we didn't recognize him! Their first real game is next Friday and it ought to be a little easier to find him then because he'll be in black and orange and have a number on his back. Plus, it's just a freshman game, so he'll get more playing time. It would be easier to enjoy these games if I didn't have younger kids. My attention is constantly divided between the field (not that I understand what is happening out there) and the other three. Sam discovered that the bleachers make loud noises when you stomp on them so it was a battle keeping him from doing that. And then I'm trying to keep Ben from doing anything too wierd - it's hard all around! Maybe someday Sam will play ball and I'll be one of the elderly parents in the bleachers - elderly, but with no small children!

David got the desire to run last night and since the game was informal, we let him. He ran completely around the field without stopping - twice! I did not know he had that in him!

Well, I need to dry my hair and get back to my day. I very virtuously arose at 6:45 this morning and walked. Then I came home, fried up an egg and bacon for Paul (and piously ate only whole wheat toast with honey). You would think after being so good to my body, it would reward me with being very perky. Instead, I feel like I am about to fall over with fatigue! Where's the reward?! Oh well...

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  1. What to do with such a huge Herky? I am sure the kids will find some use for it. :) Sounds like everyone had a fun time, minus the disappointment in the waterpark part.

    The biting: Aiden the other night tried to bite Dale on the shoulder. i didn't see it but Dale said it felt like he was trying. And then the next day he kept coming over to me and 'kissing' my arm and leg with an open mouth, like he could clench down teeth at any moment. Alexis was a little bit of a biter and we would pop her on the mouth when she did so she stopped that pretty fast. But with Aiden, his cleft, the tooth growing in the lip tissue and how sensitive his lip and such are, Dale and I said we will not be doing the pop on the mouth thing if he does take the biting habit up in the near future. Gonna have to find some other 'shock him out of it' technique. Just praying he won't, but preparing for the worst.

    well, my laundry is calling me. Hope you have a blessed weekend. I am so thankful it is Friday!!!