Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4 1/2 months ago my friend Barb died from cancer . I blogged about it in my post "When God Doesn't Seem to Make Sense." I knew she was dying and I was dry-eyed. She died and I never cried. I went to her viewing and remained dry-eyed. While I have been sad on the inside, I haven't cried once over her in the months since her death. Last Saturday I got caught up on some scrapbooking. I scrapbook chronologically and I came to last spring's pictures.. Barb's family had made up the neatest funeral program I have ever seen. It was filled with pictures of Barb's life, along with the kind of information typically found in funeral programs. So I had saved it, wanting to do something with it in my scrapbooks. As I cut apart pictures and pasted them onto my pages, I found myself finally weeping over the loss of my friend. I don't know why it took so long.
I miss you, Barb.
(That's a picture of Barb taken in Sept. '07, at her daughter's wedding)

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  1. I totally get this!! My brother passed in April and though I have cried a few times I really expected the tears to flow more. I see my sisters crying all the time (more so around the actual tragic event) and there I stood dry-eyed and feeling uncomfortable. I was SO busy on the outside that tears just cost me more energy I didn't have. Though in the inside I was (still am at times) a total wreck. I think tears are a necessary part but I have learned that they don't always happen on the typical timeline that others put out there. Many hugs to you as you process this whole event.