Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's What?

I had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. Paul made me a nice breakfast and had Sam toddle into the kitchen with a corsage box that he handed to me (the corsage had 4 flowers on it, Paul pointed out to me). Pastor preached a nice, Mother-appropriate sermon, and they gave each of the moms a carnation on their way out the door. We went to Old Country Buffet for lunch, where, of course, we ate way too much, which is what you are supposed to do at buffets. It sure was crowded, though - no surprise! What mother is going to cook on Mother's Day? Well, I suppose some do, but I sure won't be counted among those numbers! We came home, took a quick nap, and then headed back to church so Paul could attend choir practice.

Afterwards, I called my mom to wish her a happy day, and I chatted with her all the way home. We got home and the 4 boys scattered like the wind, peeling off their clothes as they went. I finally got them all corralled and managed to get all of us in one spot on the corner of the deck and Paul snapped this picture. As we were getting into place, Will asked, "Why did you call Grandma?" I said, "Because it's Mother's Day." Will said, "Oh-h-h! I totally forgot! I wondered why Dad made you breakfast and why we went out to eat!" Apparently he missed the flowers and Pastor's message as well! As my friend Patti says, these children are the "absent minded professor" types. I think I got one!

After we took the picture I got my cards and Paul showed me a shelf he is making for the backroom to put the telephone and answering machine on. It's a big piece of wood that he is in the process of cutting out "P (heartshape) S" Very nice! I wonder how long it will take him to get it done? I wonder how many other 38 year old men would do something like that for their long-time wives? It reminds me of my little 10+1 metal thingy Paul soldered together for me for our 11th anniversary - also quite creative! Then, Paul about lost his mind trying to find what he did with my other present. It took him about a half hour but he finally found where he had stashed 3 new spatulas for me. They're pretty - one is blue, one is yellow, and one is red and they have clear handles. They're much nicer than my other spatulas that have their tips broken off from over-use!

So, it was a very nice day, even if my first-born forgot that it was my day! Actually, David made up for it. As I was tucking him in, he said, "Mom, if I haven't told you before, you're a great mom!" And for a moment, I believed him. Happy Mother's Day to me!

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  1. How sweet. Love the picture of all of you. Mine was just another day as a mother since Dale had to work. The kids did sneak away and sign a card that Dale had hidden under Andrew's pillow. Alexis wanted to know why Daddy was giving grandma a card, "is it happy grandma's day too?" She just couldn't get the concept that g'ma is Dale's mom. And of course, I got my new crock pot out of necessity. :) Hope you have a blessed week.