Thursday, May 14, 2009

And a Bit of Sunshine

I forgot to mention one really nice thing that happened within the chaos and upset of this week. We have "Secret Saints" at church, women who secretly bless each other with cards and small gifts and commit to praying to them for a year. Well, I heard from mine last night and there was a gift for me at church. More than the gift, I so appreciate this Saint. She must know me pretty well or else I'm really transparent on how rough my weeks sometimes are because she always writes just the right thing to lift me up. Last night was no different. She gave me a room scenter thing (with oil and little sticks - unique) and chocolate. See, she knows me because she must know about my chocolate addiction! So I took the room scent thing out of the box and set it up today on the living room buffet. It really scents up the room and as I pass through the room I especially smell it and it makes me smile, just to know someone thought of me. And it's a reminder too, that God is thinking of and loving me through others, even during this busy and sometimes hard season of motherhood.

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