Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trust His Heart

Saturday night...and I'm home, which is the usual state of things. Paul is working and Will is at a youth activity. They took the kids up to Faith today to watch a ball game and then pizza and I think games or something were on the agenda. So thankful Will is driving and I won't have to go fetch him late tonight!

Before I forget...many of you have heard of the McRae family, but some have not. I went to school with Holly McRae. She's actually younger than me, but was in my brother, Andy's class. Her older sister was in my other brother's class. I went to a Christian school which was smaller than your typical public school so everybody pretty much knew everybody. So when tragedies happen, it seems more personal. Holly has a 7 yr old daughter named Kate who has a brain tumor. I've been following their story since Kate was diagnosed back in July of 2009. They've even been on Dr. Phil and both my mom and I just happened to catch that episode, which was kind of neat, since neither one of us make a habit of watching Dr. Phil. The McRaes are a strong Christian family. But this week they found out that Kate's brain tumor has gotten bigger; there are more spots on her brain. And they're devastated. In her most recent blog, Holly said that Kate said she doesn't want to go to Heaven without her mom with her. I about lost it right there. You can read Kate's story at Pray for the McRaes. Pray for Kate.

This week I downloaded some music. I got one song that I'd only ever heard part of once before. It's by Alan Jackson, called, "Sissy's Song." I liked the few lines that I had heard, but that was all I knew. So, I listened to it in full today, driving to town. The song is about a young mother who dies. I started sobbing right then as I drove. We're coming up on the two year anniversary of Barb's death, Julie's one year was last week. One of the women in one of my groups lost her 9 yr old son to cancer a year ago next month. And then there's little Kate. There's so much suffering in this sick, fallen world. It's heartbreaking. Were it not for Heaven, were it not for Jesus, I don't know that life would be much worth living. How do people bear life's hurts without that? I don't know.

Speaking of life's hurts: on Wednesday Ben's teacher lost his father and sister in a horrible car wreck in Minnesota. A teenager ran a stop sign and plowed right into them. His mother, who just had a stroke last May, is in serious condition. How his heart must be broken! I just felt sick when I got the news. We have been so blessed by Mr. Knutson this year and I ache to know the pain he must be experiencing right now. I don't know if they're a Christian family - my guess would probably be not. What a sad, sad time.

I am reminded of a song that has always meant so much to me. It's sung by Babbie Mason and the repeating chorus is, "When you don't understand, When you can't trace His hand, When you don't see His plan...Trust His Heart." It's all we can do because so much of life just doesn't make sense.

Trust His heart.

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