Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Mind of a Three Year Old

We made a boo-boo with our internet last month, I found out yesterday when the bill came. We have a 5G allowance every month and we've always stayed under that, except for last month when we went just a smidge over and our bill was $12 more than normal.

I about had a heart attack when I opened our latest bill and saw that it was $158 - which is $100 more than it normally is. Apparently, we went over by 300 MB and they charged us $100 whopping dollars for that. Holy cow! We won't make that mistake again!

I've been toying with the idea of buying a router for our two computers. But I don't know. I could buy another phonecard so then we'd have 10G a month, which is way more than what we need. But $114 a month is cheaper than $158! I just hate to spend that extra money when I know we're capable of keeping it under 5G a month. But then, the boys use the internet some for their schoolwork, so maybe we would be better off to just spring for the extra phone card. I'll have to do some thinking on that.

Sam's SS class has been studying about King David. But I didn't realize that Sam was confused until today when he came home from church and told David, "We learned how you killed G'liath! You hit him with a rock with your slingshot and then you took your sword and cut off his head!" I wonder if I should correct him or let him continue to think his brother is one of Biblical proportions? I guess he'll figure it out soon enough.

We watched "Despicable Me" a couple of weeks ago and ever since then, Sam has taken to exclaiming, "Oh, poop!" when something happens. He sounds just like a minion! It is so, so cute!

And then the other night...Sam went poopy in the toilet. When he does that I always make a big deal out of it and if Paul is home I'll encourage Sam to "tell Daddy what you did!" and then Paul will make a big deal, all in hopes that Sam will continue such behavior. So, I told Sam to tell his dad what he'd just accomplished and Sam says, "I went poopy in the toilet...and I went pee in the garbage!" While a look of incredulousness came over Paul's face, I about died laughing. Earlier that day, Sam had told me he needed to go potty. But we're down to one bathroom and one of Sam's brothers had just settled in for a long novel-reading session in the one bathroom. Poor Sam. I told him he'd have to wait but as the minutes passed, he got more and more desperate and I knew I was going to have a mess on my hands pretty soon. So inspiration hit as I was sitting at the computer and I asked Sam if he'd be willing to go potty in the garbage. To my surprise, he agreed. So I held him over the can and he did his business in there. Will and David were pretty horrified, but hey - you do what you gotta do! And evidently, it made quite the impression on Sam!

Sam isn't happy at the moment. He can't figure out why David won't let him play on the Wii right's only the biggest football game of the year! Oh, the trials and tribulations of being three years old!

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