Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Icy Iowa

Greetings from the frozen Artic. Today, it is warmer in Alaska than it is here. There's something wrong about that! I took Ben to school and my van thermometer read -12! It supposed to be this way until about Sat. Being on call, Paul is getting plenty of hours. In fact, this afternoon he had to beg off work for a couple of hours because some of the furnaces in one of the apt. buildings he services are down. He and Will are over there now.

Paul suggested to me today that we plan to do a movie date this weekend. It will give him something to look forward to as he survives in the bitter temps and on very little sleep.

Boy, was I stressed out this morning! This week Will is taking the ITBS tests at the school. I'm not a big fan of testing. It's ok, but it's never something I've felt that I had to do. I know he's doing fine in his studies. But if we want the good student discount offered by State Farm, then we need a test score to give them. So, Will had forgotten about these tests until I woke him up at 7:15 to remind him that he needed to leave in 15 min. I went ahead and took Ben to school and apparently whizzed right on by Will sitting on the highway. I never saw him, but that would be why Ben suddenly asked me, "What is Will doing this morning?" It wasn't until I dropped Ben off that Will called me and asked me what he should do. The truck was overheating and now he was 15 min late for the tests. Why oh why did he not call me when he first started having problems?! I could have taken him to the school when I took Ben! So, I drove over the highschool wing and went into the office and explained what was going on.

I had basically rolled out of bed to take Ben to school. I hadn't brushed my hair - had just jammed my hat over it. And, as my habit is, I took off the hat when I walked into the school building. Boy, was that mistake! When I got home I looked at myself in the mirror and about fainted! Not only did I have a bed head, but I had a blotchy no-make-up face. I have two huge and two small zits on it (high school, relived). I was wearing bedroom slippers! I actually still had my pjs on, but I had pulled on a sweatshirt and jeans over them - thankfully. And of course, the secretary was young-ish and all professionally dressed and ready for her day. I can imagine what she thinks of homeschoolers now!

But it all worked out. I raced home, cancelled my chiropractic appt for this morning, and then Will just drove my van in. Even being late, he still had plenty of time to complete his tests. And then Ben's aide called to remind me that Ben only had a half-day. I had no idea.

ARgh - what a way to start my morning!

Yesterday Ben asked me, "Do only Baptists homeschool?" I thought that showed he was really thinking. He was shocked when I told him that even some atheists homeschool their kids.

Today Sam was so cute (like he ever isn't!). He brought down a bunch of large stuffed animals into the living room and lined them up, along with some throw pillows. He informed me that he was playing "Wipe-out" which is, of course, that dumb but evidently entertaining show where contestants try to make their way through an obstacle course without being dumped in the water. Sam kept yelling, "Big balls!" as he hurtled his body on top of the animals and pillows. Of course, I knew he would get hurt sooner or later, and he did. Fortunately, it was nothing requiring more than a kiss. At one point, he came out to where I was, holding his back and saying he got hurt. I rubbed it and sent him on his way. Sam stopped, looked at me, and informed, "You're sposed to kiss it, Mom!" Oh, ok, then! A little bit ago he tripped over his feet and really wailed about that one. He even hobbled out to me, declaring, "I tink I can't walk anymore!" I looked at it, but it doesn't seem swollen. I don't know yet if he's a dramatist like David. I guess we'll see what he does after he wakes up.

I got to go out last night, which was really needed. Melissa and I met up out at Jordan Creek Mall (er, "Town Center"). We browsed for a long time and then we went to eat at Fuddruckers. I dumped on her about all my writing woes and while I know she doesn't understand, she was properly sympathetic and encouraging. I actually did feel better after talking to her. She told me I'm in a "funk" and she's right. It's not just my writing - it's everything. I am really thinking (hoping) it's because of this Depo shot that I'm on. That should be out of my system by late March/early April so maybe I'll feel better then, too. I got home around 10:30, which was pretty early for a girls' night out for the two of us. We've been known to stay out into the wee hours of the morning before!

Paul wasn't home when I got there. It was well after midnight before he collapsed into bed beside me. The phone rang at least twice during the night, but he didn't have to leave until 7ish this morning.

So, that's about all I know on this frigid Tuesday. I have to remind myself that six months from now I'll be complaining about the heat! That sure seems like a long time away, though...

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