Saturday, March 22, 2014

Where I Have Been

In bed.  That's the short answer.  Oh, I've kind of disappeared the last few days, so I thought it would be easiest to just update on my blog.  I have had the most horrible case of the flu - EVER.  I ended up having a very nice birthday with the kids even though I didn't feel totally terrific.  Wed. morning I had to go do a sausage pick up for Zaycon and I knew something was drastically wrong.  I could barely drive.  I got the sausage, came home, and then went to my dr.  I thought maybe I had strep or something that could be treated with medicine.  I hoped I did because I was miserable!  They ran all these tests at the dr while I waited in misery only to tell me I had the flu.  Seriously?  I was given a prescription so I dropped that off, waited in my van for 20 min for them to fill it, and went to pick it up.  They wanted $114 for it! This is the second time I've noticed that the prescription coverage with this new insurance is not as good as what I used to have through Paul's work.   I wasn't about to pay that, I wasted all that time and energy for nothing.  I have been in bed ever since.  I am beyond miserable.  Every single part of my body hurts.

I have had to cancel so many plans this week and I find myself increasingly worried about  how I am going to get all my stuff done now.  I know I can't focus on that, but my mind goes there and gets all panicky.  The kids have all done a great job of taking care of me.  But now - they are all sick, too.  Ben and Sam are the only upright ones left in the house.

But I think I am doing a little better today.  So hopefully, I will be able to take care of the fallen ones on my own soon.

There's nothing like abject physical misery, I am finding, to make one's emotional hurts rise to the surface, as well.  These past four days I have missed Paul intensely and not just because he would have taken care of me.  Sigh...I have also found myself quite envious of him.  He'll never get the flu again!

So that's where I am - not overworked, not ignoring anybody, just trying to survive while this virus works its slow, painful way through my system.


  1. Oh no! I'm praying for a quick recovery for all of you and that Ben and Sam don't get it.

  2. I'm so very sorry. We got swine flu back in 2009 and it was a nightmare. I was in bed with asthma problems for 3 weeks straight, though fortunately wasn't in pain. Just couldn't really breathe well, which is a problem...