Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bullet Points 2

What am emotional night last night was - Will's final football game.  I was ruminating on the significance of the night while I got everything and everyone ready to go.  I thought to myself, "I ought to write this down!"  So I did and it turned into a long Facebook post.  I think I touched a nerve - lots of parents, football and otherwise, have responded back.  It was kind of a miserable night, weather-wise - misting, windy, and oh-so-cold.  But I wouldn't have been anywhere else in the world.  After the game, all we senior parents just hung around, waiting for the coaches to get done with their post-game talk to the players.  Will walked toward me, I held out my arms, and he walked right into them.  It would have been a movie moment, except that I smashed my glasses and my nose on his chest armor.  We posed for pictures and then got all the seniors together for more pictures.  Ben asked me, "Why are they all crying?"  The end of an era...

And the next awaits!  Will filled out his application to Faith this week.  I need to download a FAFSA form.  We received a postcard this week from Faith about their scholarship weekend in March, so we're making plans to attend that.  But first, there's still some senior year things to get out of the way - like school.  Will has been taking a college class this semester at the school - Psych I.  He has absolutely loved it.  He loves it so much that he found out they are offering Pysch II next semester - at 7 am!  And he wants to sign up for it!  This is my child who thinks it is just cruel to ask anyone to roll out of bed before 10 am.  I'm not sure what he'll do with all this psychology - I can't really envision him sitting in an office while someone lays on a couch and spills their guts to him while he makes notes and offers sympathetic "hmm, um, hums."  He'd be more likely to snap, "Yeah, so?  Life isn't all about you!"  And there would go his practice!

Oh, I didn't tell about last Friday's game!  That was interesting.  We had asked the youth group to come over, promising them food if they would watch Will play.  They didn't have to be persuaded too hard.  So, I baked and baked, got permission to use the elementary school gym, ("Only because Will is such a fantastic kid!" one of his coaches kidded me), and lugged it all into the school.  We started watching the game and felt - raindrops.  Seriously?  It has not rained in months and months, so much that the crops dried up this year, we've been told there hasn't been a drought like this since 1988, and food prices have skyrocketed at the grocery store.  And it has to rain on THIS night?  The weathermen had been talking about rain for the next day, Saturday, but didn't say a word about Friday.  I've watched games in the rain before, so while uncomfortable, it was do-able.  But then the lightening started, which made the referrees nervous.  Apparently, there are sport rules about lightening - parents get cranky if their kids get electrocuted, I guess.  Just as they announced that there would be a 30 min. recess, the rain began to pour down in sheets.  We were all soaked as we ran across the street to the high school cafeteria.   Paul called Caseys and told them to delay the pizzas.  Eventually, the rain let up and the game resumed.  And then jagged streaks of lightening began appearing once again.  Paul called Caseys and asked them to speed up the pizza order while we ran for cover again.  We ended up feeding the youth group then - without Will.  The game didn't get over until 10:30.  But they won, which made the rain, cold, and potential electrocution all worth it.

The Wednesday before, Will's coach took him and a few other players to Pizza Ranch for supper.  He's been doing that throughout the season - finally, it was Will's turn.  He told me he ate some chicken and THIRTEEN pieces of pizza!  Really, it ought to be illegal to have as many teenage sons as I do at one time.  There's not enough money in the world to cover the cost of feeding them!  13 pieces of pizza!

I spent last Sat. in Council Bluffs attending a craft fair with Kathy.  We used to go to those all the time, but it had been 9 years.  We had fun.  I had to take Baby, but she did well - she's pretty easy.  It was sunny out there and actually humid.  I guess it stormed all day here.

A few weeks ago I was playing a nostalgic CD in the van - filled with 80s hits and songs I remember from my teen years.  "Material Girl" came on and L really latched onto that.  Ever since, she has been going on around singing, "I'm a cereal girl, I'm a cereal girl!"  It just cracks Paul and me up!  I definitely do need to make her an appointment with an audiologist, I think, though!

Well - I'm finished and there's no bullet points to be found.  Apparently, I felt the need to expound in greater detail than I thought I would.  I should be good for another couple of weeks, I think.  We enter our official "birthday" season this week.  Sam turns 5 on Monday (and he was born on a Monday, too).  We'll have our first birthday with L, who turns 4 on Halloween.  Then, 2 days later Will will turn 18.  And then 2 weeks after that will be Ben's 16th birthday.  I also have a niece with a birthday the same day as Will and a nephew with one on Nov. 8.  What is it about February that makes people feel all romantic?  Oh yeah - Valentines Day.  People never think about November when they think about Valentine's, do they? 

Gotta run - lots to do, including birthday shopping for a VERY excited little boy!

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  1. One of my respite providers is an audiologist.....Kimberly Krambeck...she is amazing!!!