Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tooth, the Cross, and Gifts From a Mother

I had a tooth pulled today - the one near the front (my eye tooth, actually) that the crown broke off of last month. I go in for the bridge work on May 10. It took my dentist 2 1/2 hours to pull that thing! She said it was very stubborn and kept breaking off in pieces. Ugh! So, I'm sore and seriously wondering why I put all this money in my mouth. Maybe I should just have all my teeth pulled and get dentures and be done with it! Excuse my while I spit some more blood into the garbage can... Bad teeth run in my family. My grandma had all hers pulled before she was 40, I think my mom said. So that was not a fun way to spend my morning!

Charlotte called to see how I was doing and when she found out what I had just been through ended up bringing me sandwich fixings for everyone so I wouldn't have to fix supper tonight. We were going to go on a date anyway tonight but I'll use the sandwich stuff later. She's so sweet. Last week she gave me the most gorgeous crystal cross necklace as a late birthday present. It actually has the Lord's prayer inside the center of it. You have to hold it up to the light and squint and then you can read it. I know people probably order these things as a talisman of sorts, but I love it because of the symbolism and because it's sparkly! Really, if we want to wear a cross necklace, I suppose it should be something hewn out of rough wood and have bloodstains on it, too. But I was thinking about that and reasoned to myself that while the real cross was not a thing of beauty, it becomes beautiful, symbolically, because of what was done there. Christ's great love transformed something ugly into something very beautiful - like our lives.

Well, Sam has decided he wants a buzz cut - "Like David" he says. Lately he has been refusing to let me dry his hair when he steps out of the shower because when I do I rough up his hair which makes it curlier. He sourly tells me, "I want flat hair!" I'm not whipping out the shaver yet, though. I'll wait until I decide to cut everyone's hair and then see if he is still set on that. My fear is that if I cut off his curls, they will never come back. Ben had the most gorgeous curls as a toddler. Then I dumbly cut them off when he was 18 months and he had lumpy, coarse hair for the rest of his childhood. In puberty, the curls returned with a vengeance, though - I was so glad! A couple of Paul's nephews had "normal" childhood hair and then when puberty hit, they ended up with curly heads of hair, too. A friend of mine, who had that happen to her son, told me she read it's because of the hormones. I prefer to think of it as a gift from their mother!

My kitchen has undergone some major renovations in recent days. Last Sat. Paul ripped out all the cupboards. I was trying to cook for our Easter meal, working around the sink laying on the floor and hunting for my pans and utensils in the living room - things memories are made of, you know! Now everything is back in place. My counters are in "U" shape. The counters themselves are temporary. Paul cut our old one to fit the new dimensions and then we bought a similarly colored piece on clearance. When we can afford it we're going to order navy blue custom made ones. We're going to need all new flooring, too. This week Paul has been working on the kitchen wall - ripping out all the old lath and plaster - nasty stuff. He has the new drywall up and has it mudded already. Oh, and we've decided to put brick facing between the bottoms of the cupboards and counter top, which will give the room a "homey" look. That was Paul's idea. I don't know why I didn't think of it. Growing up, my parents put that stuff all over the kitchen walls - covered up the aqua blue paint left by the previous owners. But the insides of our cupboards were always aqua, I remember! I don't have all my top cupboards up, but we're getting closer. Now I have two new bottom cupboards. I just love all this extra space! It's kind of nice having everything - the counters and stove and dishwasher, all right together like they are now. And the extra counter space - absolutely heavenly!!

I have really been struggling with spring allergies in recent weeks, which has been an unpleasant surprise. I used to be bothered by them, but probably for the last decade I have only experienced allergies in August and Sept. But this spring has been something else. I've been living on drugs, which make me so sleepy and give me strange dreams. I actually made an appt. with a chiropractor/naturopath in Jefferson for the end of the month for Ben and me. He helped a friend's infant grandson who had some pretty bad allergies, so I'm hoping he'll be able to point us in the right direction. I don't want to live like this and I know Ben's constant allergies are no good, either. His sneezes are so violent and have such a loud lead-up that it's downright embarrassing. The other night at church he sprayed a family in front of us when he didn't get covered up well enough. I would have cheerfully strangled him after I finished burying myself in a hole... I hope this guy can help us, otherwise it's going to be a waste of money and gas.

We had another "first" the other night. For the first time ever, Will bought his own shoes. He needed some new tennis shoes and it can be a little difficult to coordinate our schedules so that we can shop together. So Will suggested that he just buy them himself and I could pay him back. He did a good job - came home with a nice pair of size FOURTEENs! Another gift from his mother (big feet)...

One more post and I should be caught up. Better go hang some laundry first, though.

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