Saturday, April 28, 2012

Picture Time and Maybe Some Help

I booked Will with a photographer for his senior pictures this week.  The guy who took that above photo is going to do them.  He is a college student at Faith and has his own photography business.  You can find him at  The student's name is Josh and I actually remember when he was born.  His parents were married students the year I was at Faith.  He ended up being the first of eight children (so far) and now his dad pastors a church in the Clear Lake area.  So last summer Josh was up at camp and managed to persuade some of the senior highers to get up before dawn and pose for him.  My plan had been to take Will's pictures myself because I didn't want to spend a bunch of money.  The thing about senior portraits is that they are important that senior year, but not so much once the year is done.  I still have a stack of my own senior pictures in my cedar chest!  But Will had been saying he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of me taking the pictures since my sole experience with photography is taking shots of the kids in their underwear, usually with somebody's head cut off.   I stumbled across this picture of Will this winter on his Facebook page and immediately contacted the photographer and ordered a couple of copies.  Mine is on top of our piano now.  When Will saw how much I liked that he began mentioning how much he'd like Josh to do his senior pictures.  As it turns out, he's very reasonable in his pricing and I don't have to worry about Will handing out pictures of himself where the top of his head has been sheared off.  It doesn't seem quite right that he's old enough to be planning senior pictures.  I'll probably be saying that about everything this next year!

I am suffering terribly with a head cold right now.  This is my second cold in a space of 2 1/2 months.  I do not get sick, so I am quite baffled as to why I succumbed to the germs my kids were so freely handing out this week.  But you know, I shouldn't be surprised.  Mentally and physically, I have just felt "off" for weeks now.  I suppose my body got run down.  Having surgery didn't help, either, I suppose.

Ben and I spent yesterday in Jefferson, Iowa, which is a nice little town.  We met this Dr. Miller and I have to say that I was very impressed.  I only went to him for help with my allergies but he immediately figured out that I was still suffering effects from the stroke.  That surprised me because I thought I was healed, other than some left side weakness when fatigued.  He pointed out that my left ankle was "spastic" and I had no reflexes in my left elbow.  But he fixed that. He also told me that I was suffering from low blood sugar and my magnesium levels were severely depleted.  The blood sugar surprised me, but then I recalled that I had only eaten a handful of frosted animal cookies for breakfast - could explain the blood sugar.  We talked for awhile about the magnesium and I eventually agreed to try a natural powder to boost it.  I had a bad experience with magnesium supplements in the 90s and have avoided the stuff ever since.  But after looking over this paper that explained side effects from magnesium deficiency and realizing that I was experiencing most of them, I knew I had to do something.  When I walked out of the doctor's office after he worked on me,  I literally felt like I had springs in my shoes - amazing!

This guy claims to "fix" allergies permanently.  You don't have to come back for more work.  However, a person may still have more allergies that haven't been addressed yet, and then you'd want to go back for more work.  Right now Ben is still stuffy from the cold he had earlier this week so I can't tell yet if he's doing better, allergy wise.  Time will tell.  But if he is, I'm taking us both back so we can get some more work done.  I'm also cancelling his allergy shots.  Truthfully, I can't stand his allergist.  He's from the Middle East and will not listen to me when I tell him I think Ben's shots are doing nothing.  If for some reason we ever decided to do the shots again, I'd just find somebody knew.

One thing we discovered about Ben is that he is full of heavy metals.  I know that sounds kind of new-agey and hocus-pocusy - right up there with giving birth in a pool and grinding your own wheat.  But I'm tending to believe it.  That poor kid has had so many drugs pumped into his body and I watched his 2 month vaccines destroy his little brain and wreak havoc all over skin.  The dr. said, too, he would have some metals just because he was inside me for a period of time, too.  I thought it was bizarre that he was testing Ben for American cheese, too.  But the dr. explained to me that there is no such thing as American cheese - it's not real.  I argued with him that I don't buy anything that says "cheese product" but only the actual American cheese slices.  Ben has consumed those eagerly since he could feed himself as a preschooler.  Dr. Miller explained to me that American cheese is made up of a number of different products, chief of which is aluminum - I think.  Some kind of metal anyway.  Yikes!  But it's so yummy!  However, it won't have a place in my fridge anymore.  I assume that means the Cheese whiz and Velveeta have to go, too...sigh...

This was not as expensive as I thought it would be and it will be even cheaper the next time we come.  There was totally no pressure to come back, but I'll watch and see how Ben does and then probably make a day of it later this summer.  If I do see some marked improvement in Ben, I'll will probably take David, too.  David has allergies, as well, but I have been reluctant to get him started on shots, and, as such, have not yet.  Maybe I won't have to.

We had an hour and half before we could have our second batch of allergy testing done so Ben and I explored the town a little bit.  We ended up going to Pizza Ranch for lunch.  They had a digital pop machine, something neither one of us had ever seen before.  We're from a bigger metro area, too.  But yet, little Jefferson, Iowa has one?   Maybe we just don't get out much!  I went to help Ben fill his plate from the buffet and when I came back to the table, it had been cleared, including our drinks and my half-eaten plate of food!  I never had that happen before.

Well, I have a few more things to babble on about, but this cold is really wiping me out.  I think it's time for bath and bed...and a Tylenol PM so I can sleep better tonight than I did last night.  I won't be going anywhere tomorrow so I should have some time to get caught up then.

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