Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flowers in the Mud

So, yes, last week was tough. And this week hasn't been much better yet. However, a couple of really nice things did happen.

A week ago I spent quite a bit of time up at City Hall, running all the End of the Month stuff by myself for the first time. I also inputted all the water usage, made up and mailed the new water bills, and sent out the late payment notices, and prepared the month's bank deposit - all by myself! And I did just fine. I had a little bit of trouble with the deposit, which had me tearing my hair out there for awhile. I eventually set it aside and worked on something else. When I came back to the deposit, I was able to figure it out. So, I was pretty pleased with myself, if drained.

I got home and discovered that our neighbor, Charlotte, had brought supper over, along with a Yankee candle for me. I was so touched! And then Friday I was really busy preparing a meal for a family at a church and knew I still had to cook supper for own family. Charlotte called and asked, "Do you guys eat sloppy joes?" Not only did she bring us sloppy joes, but she had purchased me a t-shirt ("because you look so good in pink, Sarah!") with Proverbs 5:6 written across it. I'm wearing it today, actually. She had also thrown in a box of nutty bars for the family.

I've gotten several phone calls from her about this whole breast thing. She's really concerned. It's nice to have friends.

I went to lunch with another friend early last week. She told me that she and her husband just found out that they are getting $250,000 from a lawsuit that she joined up with, thinking that maybe she'd get a $100 or so out of. Wow! She was given an antidepressant during her first pregnancy and now they have linked that drug to autism in the children born during that time. I honestly am very happy for her, but I have to admit, the green-eyed monster was poking around the corner at the same time. Down, Boy!

I finally got on Faith's website the other night to check out things for Will. Tuition for one year is over $20,000. Holy cow. It was $7000 when I went. It doesn't seem like all that long ago, either. Will knows we can't help him out with his college, although I just feel terrible about that. My parents paid half of mine and fronted the other half until I could pay them back. I suggested to Will that perhaps one option might be to work for a year before starting school. He was open to that. In fact, right now he is looking for a regular job. I wish we could do it all for him.

Sam made a butterfly craft last week in Children's Church. I asked him about it and he proceeded to tell me the entire life cycle of a butterfly, from "larvae" to "chrysalis" which are words that I didn't even know that he knew. Then he said, "I learned that all from Kratt Brothers." That's a PBS nature show he enjoys. So then I asked him, "Well, what did you learn in Children's Church about butterflies?" "Oh, I don't know" was Sam's dismissive answer. How nice to know that he listening!?!

This Sunday after church his class is having a Valentine's party. This will be Sam's first party and his first time to ever be left alone anywhere. I think he'll be fine.

We had a night out last Sat. Some of the moms in my Special Needs group got together with our husbands at the Olive Garden. There were 4 of us couples. I really enjoyed it. Paul was actually sociable and talked, which was a plus. One of the dads friended me on FB the next day, which I thought was really nice, too. There's just this instant camaraderie when you're with others who have been where you are. And we're all Christians on top of it, which makes it even better.

All right - one more post and then I should be caught up!

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