Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby Deer, Writing, and Cool Ben

I heard back from my dr. today. She is sending me to a surgeon. She thinks it would be a good idea for me to talk to him/her before deciding what to do. She said that she agrees the nodule probably is not cancer, but I'm going to be stuck having to have mammograms more frequently unless I get it removed. She said too, the mental stress of knowing it's there might be enough reason to get it removed, too. So I guess that's the next step.

Paul's brother has been hunting the last few weeks in what is called an "antler-less" season. Paul has never done that so I'm not all that familiar with it. Anyway, Paul was talking to him last week and he said that last week he got a doe, not knowing she had twin fawns, until they came rushing over to their mother after he killed her! And then when he opened her up he discovered another set of twins in her uterus. He said they were about 6" long each. I would have liked to have seen those, icky as it sounds. Mating season typically takes place in late fall so when the normal hunting season happens in early Dec. any babies are still just embryos. But by this time of year they are well-developed since they will be born in the spring.

I am attending a one-day writer's conference at the end of March up in Boone. A friend's husband is putting it together. Apparently, there is a group of Christian writers that meet regularly up there. He has asked me to speak about blogging and to plan a related activity. I think it sounds like more of an honor than it really is. I'm pondering how to stretch out what I know (about 4 minutes worth of information) into an hour long presentation!

I have another writer friend, Elaine C., who has actually published two fiction Christian books. She lives in the metro area. Anyway, we got to talking last night on FB and I mentioned that, as far as I know, Des Moines has no actual critique group for Christian writers. That has set the wheels in her brain turning and we're praying about the possibility of starting something. Wouldn't that be great? Not that I actually have time for any more commitments, but still...

Ben's musical practice is coming along well. I have been so impressed by the whole thing - his abilities, as well as those of his peers and his teacher's skills. I'm kind of helping out more and more each week at practice since I'm there anyway to keep an eye on Ben. I'm not so sure he needs me there, but I'll do it this year. Last week, one of the junior highers had left her book in the room (we practice on the stage) and needed it for the practice. The vocal instructor didn't have time to go back to the room with the girl, unlock the door, and get it. So I volunteered to do it. The poor little girl was so grateful. We got to the room and she stuck out her hand and introduced herself properly to me. So I told her I was Ben's mom. Her face lit up and she said, "Oh, we all like Ben - he's so smart!" Music to a mother's heart...

Sam just informed me that he needs "cleats" so he can run fast while playing football. He told me I could get them for him for Christmas. Wonder if he realizes how far away Christmas is, yet? As I type, he is sitting at my desk, writing on a piece of paper. "I'm writing down 'cleats', Mom, so you don't forget!"

Maybe I could find him a pair at a consignment store. I have become quite the fan of those stores. There are 3 out in the Valley West area alone. Yesterday I found an Aeropostale sweatshirt for Ben at one of them. However, most of the stores just carry smaller clothing sizes. I wanted to get Ben a few "fashionable" shirts. I have realized, watching his peers practice, that while Ben is dressed just fine for school, he looks a little "off." It's because his classmates are wearing holey jeans and name brand sweatshirts that look like they have been run over a few times. I can't do much about the jeans. Ben's tiny waist makes it very difficult to find bottoms that actually fit him. As fast as he grows, I am reluctant to buy any more than I have to, anyway. But I thought I would see what I could do about getting him some more "in" tops. My thought had been to visit Jordan Creek and hit a couple of the teen stores, hoping I'd find something on clearance. But then I suddenly thought of a place I had heard about called "Plato's Closet." As far as I knew, it was a consignment store for teenage girls, but I thought I would go there and just see what they had. I'm so glad I did! It's for both genders and stocked full of gently worn name-brand clothing. I was able to get Ben 3 shirts there for a fraction of what I would have paid new. Score! I think I'll be taking my teens boys there fairly often.

Well, I need to go heat up some soup. I sure hope I'm feeling better by tomorrow. I can't waste another day!

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  1. Now Miss Sarah-I constantly brag to Frankie how wonderful your writing is so... no pressure there:) He knows I have saved several of the emails you have sent me and often giggle so hard my sides hurt while reading your blogs and musings!!!
    Wow no Chrisitan writer group in DSM metro? WRONG! Get on it girl:) or .. make someone else get it going. Frankie has GREATLY benefitted from the Ames/Boone group. He looks forward to this meeting (even when the meetings are right after his 12 hr work days) and always returns home excited in how God will direct his writing talent.