Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have my computer back! It still has a few glitches that need to be worked out, but at least I have it back. Our mayor ended up getting rid of Vista and putting Windows XP on it. I think I would have preferred Windows 7 because that is what my laptop has, but he had a disk for XP and to buy one for 7 would have cost about $70, so I decided I could be happy with XP!

I'm surprised I'm awake at all today. Yesterday my allergies were rough and I ended up taking quite a few pills, which made me woozy. Then, Melissa and I went out last night. We met earlier than normal, thinking we'd be home sooner, but it didn't quite work out that way! We did a little bit of shopping (even bought the same top at Kohls - how Jr. Highish is that? Hope we don't both show up at church wearing them on the same day!). We went to a movie out at Jordan Creek. Neither of us had been there and I was surprised at how pricey they are. Of course, had we driven back to Copper Creek ( a cheaper theater in Pleasant Hill) we would have spent the difference plus more in gas. We saw, "Something Borrowed" - a total chick flick. But it made me laugh! Then we ended up in my van talking until 12 in the morning! Why am I surprised?

I drove home listening to George Norrie interviewing a licensed hypnotherapist who specializes in taking people back to their past alien encounters. They were just getting to the good stuff - the increase in half alien babies born to humans in the past decade (apparently the aliens are a dying race due to environmental factors on their planet,as well as too much inbreeding over the past centuries) when I got home. Bummer!

And then Ben bounces down the steps at 6 this morning, all set to play the Wii until I chased him back to bed. I had to get up an hour later and take him to Respite Care. They are taking the kids to see Kung Foo Panda II today - better him than me. I had to sit through most of the First Kung Fu Panda movie and thought it was really dumb! So, I get out to Johnston and they tell me that Ben is not on the list for the day! Grrr....I had a set of email exchanges with the coordinator earlier this week that told me Ben WAS on the list. But they let him stay, providing not all the kids showed up and they would be over their staff to client ratio. I haven't had a phone call, so all must be good.

So, anyway, I'm going on about 5 hours of sleep today. I've got a list a mile long to accomplish, including going to interview my neighbors for the next issue of the Swan newsletter, which is way overdue. They are in their 80s, so I'm sure they'll have plenty of stories for me.

This next week is VBS and I'm teaching the pre-primaries. That's always exhausting. And then we have the homeschool conference on Friday and Sat. I know Paul is taking time off on Friday morning to attend a certain workshop with me, but I'm not sure he'll make it to anything else. And that's fine. I honestly didn't see any other workshops that excited me. I just need to buy books. And then next Sun. I have to get David and Paul and possibly Will packed for Jr. Boys camp and they leave bright and early that Monday morning.

And have I mentioned that we don't have air yet in our house? ARgh!!! I about cried this week when Paul had me go get parts for an AC that I assumed was ours - until I found out it was for someone else! The money from that is very much needed, but still --! I need air, too! He said he was going to work on ours this weekend, but he didn't get home last night until after 9 and he's out working again this morning. I have no idea how long he'll go today.

We attended a nice wedding a week ago. It was beautiful. They draped yards and yards of purple fabric along the church ceiling and it just gave this "tent" effect. That poor family, though! A week before the wedding, the bride's parents hosted their last son's high school graduation party out at their house. They had out of town guests staying with them by this point. Then, two days later, the brides grandfather suffered a massive stroke and he died two days after that, which was 3 days before the wedding. So, they had the wedding as planned and then there was a big funeral at church on Tuesday. I went to that and took the boys. I hope the bride's parents got some rest this week! The father of the bride is our assistant pastor and he and his wife are in charge of VBS, so there won't be any rest for them this week.

Oh, I forgot to mention Ben's Sp. Olympics event at Iowa State a week and a half ago. He played Bocce ball for this one. We drove up to Jack Trice Stadium and Sam exclaimed, "That's the Cyclones - boo!" A school bus then picked us up from there (David was thrilled, getting to ride a bus for the first time in his life!) and took us to the Lied Center. Ben's team played two rounds of the game and they got the GOLD! The medal ceremony was so neat. They have the athletes stand up on the stage and they bring the medals on a pillow and each athlete has his name announced in a microphone. Of course, Ben was more interested in the microphone and I couldn't get him to look my direction for a picture!

I threw out my back this week - bending over a shopping cart, of all things. I just felt this sickening ripple across my hips and I about fell to my knees. I've been living on Advil ever since. I think it's my sciatic nerve which has given me more trouble in recent years. I just can't depend on this body for anything, anymore!

Well, back to my list. Now I can take "Blogging" off of it!

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