Monday, June 13, 2011

Camp, Cameras, and Conferences

I can't believe how this day has slipped right by me! Paul, Will, and David took off early this AM for Jr. Boys camp (Will is working). This is the only day this week I didn't have to go anywhere, other than to take Ben to summer school (which I did in a torrential downpour and thunderstorm!) I wanted to make the most of it because of that. I did make a sizable dent in my laundry mounds, which is nice.

Last week was absolutely hectic beyond belief. It seemed like I had a lot to do. In addition, we had VBS every evening. The first evening we had 10 students (4s and 5s) - not bad. By Wed. night we had 21! The lowest it ever got after that was 19! Oh, my goodness - that was WORK! But I had good helpers.

I drowned my camera last week. I threw it in a waterproof bag for VBS and tossed my water bottle in there, too. Yep. The bag was waterproof - the camera, not so much! So, that was an unexpected expense!

Then, Friday and Sat. was the homeschool conference. It was really, really good, even though I only got to attend one class. I can't believe we've been doing this for 9 years now! On Friday I went to lunch with Kathy and Rich, who came just for the day. Then, Sat. my parents came down to sit with the boys. Of course, they had to admire my new bathroom and office first! It had been a year since they were here last. On my way to the conference I got a phone call from my brother's friend, Jeff. I'm Facebook friends with him, but not really "real-life" friends. Well, he and his wife were at the conference for the first time and feeling a bit lost as to what to buy for their child. So, we ended up having lunch together and I told them what I know, which doesn't seem like much. I have spent so many years "experimenting" with different curriculums for my kids and making changes that I don't know that I'm an expert. Each child has different needs. But anyway, I was able to buy most of what I need at the conference. I still need to order a Dave Ramsey homeschool course for Will's Economics class this year and I'm looking into a curriculum that might help David with his learning struggles. We'll see.

That's Ben up above, after the Sp. Olympics events in Ames in May.

Will got back on Sat afternoon while I was gone. He was at Water and Work camp, which is held in conjunction with Sp. Needs Camp. That is his favorite week of all, he tells me. He told me that one of Ben's teammates was up there! I was under the impression that Sp. Needs camp is mainly for adults - maybe not. I had no idea this girl was from a Christian family. Maybe she's not - maybe her family is taking advantage of a safe camping environment for their challenged daughter. Anyway, Will will be gone most of the summer. He got 4 weeks to work, plus he was gone last week and he'll be gone in late July for Sr. High camp.

Last night we ended up having a bit of a slumber party at our house. Some friends of ours from Council Bluffs met us in Des Moines and gave us their 9 year old to take to camp. And then the other boy from church who was going up was already planning to spend the night.

Well, that's what I know for now. I would ask for continued prayer in regards to the subject I mentioned last month (about us being crazy). We're starting to turn doorknobs now, as we seek God's will. I made some phonecalls today and we have our first meeting in a couple of weeks. I'm excited, scared to death, and trying to not let my heart engage. I promise, as SOON as I can talk about it, I will! But for now, please, please pray for wisdom for us!

Well, off to chisel away at Mt. Laundry again!

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