Saturday, May 28, 2011

Computer Woes

I have had a frustrating week - mainly because I have not been able to use my desktop for internet purposes since Tues. I woke up Wed morning and my air card refused to connect. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support and then I made a trip out to US Cellular. Paul ended up buying a new air card that evening - and still no success. My neighbor, a computer whiz, who has the same broadband connection system we do, is working on the system. He thinks it's because I have Vista on the desktop. But even he hasn't gotten it figured out yet. So, the only internet I currently have is on my laptop, which is frustrating, to say the least. I sure hope he figures out something soon!

I now have my red office. I painted all day last Friday and it looked pretty good, I thought, when I got done. Painting was a bit of an ordeal because of all the furniture moving around I had to do - it's a small space. Then, I went away Sat. to go camping, got back Sun. night and realized I would need yet another coat. Grrr.... So, Monday morning I ran to Menards and bought more paint and then had to move furniture all over again! As I put it on, I began to feel very dubious about getting any good results. But once it dried, I have been pleasantly surprised. I'm not so sure I'll ever paint anything red again, but I like this! I had Will hang up my office decorations, which was fun, since I've been collecting things and dreaming about this room for months!

We did go camping last weekend. It was kind of cool and windy and Sat. night it rained. So, Sunday aft. we went ahead and packed up. We were north of Ames and ended up finding an antique mall in Story City. Oh, wow - it was amazing! I came this close to buying a Hoosier cabinet. But the owner didn't want to come down in price and it would have needed a little bit of work. Plus, with the big table still in the kitchen, I really don't have a place for it yet, until we get it moved, which won't happen until we get the woodburner down into the basement - which won't happen until we dig out more of the basement! But I am going to continue to keep my eyes open for one and I'll save my birthday and Christmas monies and maybe someday I'll be able to afford an even nicer one than the one I spied at the store. Paul did find me a metal milk box to put on the front porch. These hearken back to the days when milk was delivered in glass bottles to homes. I think that is a thing of the past, although I have a friend in England who still gets her milk that way. The box is in really good condition and even says, "Anderson-Erikson" on it. I have had an old rusty milk can on the porch for a couple of years. I think I am going to try to spraypaint that this summer.

Well, here's another khaki skirt update: I got a card in the mail last week from Chadwicks and they discontinued the skirt that was on backorder for me! Grrr.... So, I immediately went on-line and found something similar at LL Bean. I called them and they only had one size that might fit me. Most of the reviews I read stated that the skirt runs larger than the size would indicate. Of course, at the rate my middle is expanding, that might not be such a bad thing! And, wouldn't you know it, that skirt is on backorder too! I have fuzzy feeling I'm not going to have a khaki skirt for awhile...

Yesterday was David's birthday. I started a Facebook page for him, per my promise to him about 2 yrs ago. Of course, when I made that promise, I didn't realize that you have to be 13 to have a FB page. I didn't find that out until recently and David has been so, so excited about having his own page. I just didn't have the heart to make him wait another year. But it really bothered me to have to list a different year of birth for him than what is true. I won't do that again. Last night, Paul's 30 yr old nephew called to let me know that David had requested him as a friend on FB and he was going to turn him down, but he wanted to explain why, so David didn't get his feelings hurt. His reasoning was that sometimes he posts inappropriate things and he thought David was too young to see those things. I was appreciative of that - I hadn't even thought that far ahead. Of course,though, I can't help but think that it would be much better to live one's life so that you never have to fear WHO might see what you write. Facebook is a very public forum and you never know who might be reading your posts. I suppose I'm just a fuddy duddy, though...

David had to go to the wart dr. on his birthday, of all days! He has a couple of plantar warts on the bottom of his foot. He was not impressed! Then I had to run a couple of errands and we stopped by Mercy Hospital to visit our friend James. He is the husband of Charlotte, whom I wrote about last month, asking for prayer. He has all kinds of lung issues and they got the best of him and he's been hospitalized for the last week. I didn't know until Thurs. when Charlotte called me, though. I told her not to do that again! I want to know when they are having difficulties. Mercy has a McDonalds in it, so since it was after lunchtime I took David down there for lunch. I even ate mcnuggets, which I swore some time ago I would never do again, because they are so bad for you. But they were on sale. And they're really, really good! David has been craving one of their new strawberry lemonades, so I got that for him, too. He had a nice birthday lunch, anyway.

When we got home, David disappeared for a minute and then came back into the house with a dozen roses for me. Paul had picked them up and hidden them in the garage fridge, telling David to give them to me sometime on Friday - so sweet!

Our plan had been to go to Chick Fil-A last evening, because David loves their food. But Paul didn't get home until 9:30! He was working on a job that another local HVAC place totally screwed up and it took him awhile. So, he stopped by Pizza Hut and brought home some pizzas instead. We told David we'll do the chicken some other time.

Well, I had better wrap this up. We need to leave in an hour or so for a wedding. It's kind of a gloomy day for a wedding, but hopefully, it will clear off. It will be a big one, though, no matter what the weather. I'm serving the food at this one.

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