Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aggravation and Halloween Surprises

That's my friend,Kathy, and me. This was taken last Friday night when she and her husband were in town and came over for supper. It was so wonderful to see them! Kathy actually has a book coming out in Dec. It's her first, a children's book. That reminds me - I need to go on-line and order a copy!

Well, I'm aggravated today. FaithWriters has been on a quarterly break for a few weeks. The new topic was listed last week and today was the day that all the new articles would be visible for reading and I could start reading and leaving comments. But the FW server went down last night! I'm just thankful I submitted my piece yesterday morning. I wonder, though, if they will delay everything by a week since I'm sure some people were not able to submit because of the server problem. I hope not! I've been so looking forward to today!

Paul and I have a new great-nephew, born last Wed. A few months ago I referred to a "family situation." This was it. Paul's 15 yr old nephew is the father of the baby. There have been many babies born on the wrong side of the blanket in that family and that's always a sad situation. But this one really shocked and bothered me. I think the extremely young age of the parents was a reason and it's also because the mother of this nephew and I were pregnant at the same time. Will is actually 3 months older than his cousin. But yet, I just can't even imagine Will in the same situation. Just last night Paul and I were talking. To us, Will still seems a bit asexual. He has no interest in girls that we're aware of - and I'm not complaining. It could be, too, that he thinks a whole lot more than he ever lets on! He and his cousin were very close up until our move 6 years ago. And now, to see this divergent path one has gone just bothers me and I wish other options had been considered. But I'm sure Paul's brother and sister-in-law are delighted with their new grandson. His name is Aiden, which is a nice name -- one that even made it to my "considerations" list when we were still having babies. I hope Aiden's future is better than his beginning was.

We had a nice surprise this morning. Hanging on our doorknob was a Halloween bag full of goodies. They'd obviously been picked out by someone who knows our family and how many kids we have. There was a note asking us to re-fill the bag and leave it on someone else's doorknob. I think that is so fun! I have to go to town anyway this evening to deliver a meal, so I'm going to swing by Walmart and get a few things.

My office has walls now and part of a floor! Last Sat. they got the entire addition framed. I had to go out there yesterday and measure because I just couldn't believe there would be room for both the computer desk and my craft table/desk. I've been using a temporary table since we moved in 6 yrs ago. But I have a beautiful antique metal table my parents gave me probably a decade ago that I am anxious to pull out and use again. It won't be long! They ended up totally taking out the north wall of the bathroom. The termites had done a number on it. Then, they pulled out the bathtub. So, we got a lot of flies in the house that way. But we also have a new, sturdy bathroom wall. I was walking down the steps from upstairs the other day and I saw some glimmers of daylight through the corner of the wall, where the stairwell meets the wall that hangs down over the steps. That's not good and I'm not sure how we'll fix that. I'm guessing that jacking up the house caused those seams to come apart. Argh - you fix one problem and create another!

The other day Sam wanted to know why the letters on the keyboard don't go in order. Ha, ha - smart kid!

Gotta tell you about my latest money-saving find: It's You know, I've heard of this website before but never checked it out. It is SO easy and totally free. They have coupons posted all the time. You just scroll through them, click the ones you want and when you're finished, print them all out. I've already used some of them, so they are definitely "legal" coupons. I've just made that part of my bi-monthly routine when I make my menus and grocery list.

Well, that's all I know for now. I need to get ready to go here pretty soon. I'm taking a meal to little Rebekah's family. She may be coming home for the first time next week. That will be a big change for the whole family.

Will's youth group is coming over to Pville tomorrow night to watch him play ball. It's their last home Varsity game. Next week is the last week of football. Saturday sounds like it is going to be gorgeous. Paul and the boys should be able to get quite a bit of work done.

So, until next week, which should be an extraordinarily busy week for me, I'm signing off. Going to go check the FaithWriters website again...

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