Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teeth, Talking, and Squcking

Maybe I can get this finished up today. I've got notes criss-crossing eachother all over my little 3X5 card that I use to jot down things I want to mention in my blogs. So, I need to get this done so I can get a fresh card!

I should be outside picking up the yard. Maybe I'll do that in a bit. The snow began melting last week and I was astonished at the mess it left in our yard. There were all kinds of things hiding under that snow! It was too cold to do much outside all winter so whenever anything didn't get put where it belonged, it just got buried. Now it's no longer a secret and I've got a mess to take care of. And it's so muddy on top of everything else - yuck! I was out there this morning in boots, trying to pick up - made a small dent, but not much of one, I'm afraid.

Well, my skirt arrived. Let's just say their measuring chart - didn't match my body! Oh, it's not bad, but the skirt is a little roomy. I think I could have done better with an 8. But, as Paul said, it may shrink a bit. I can sew some tucks in the side, if it really bothers me, too. It just wouldn't be very cost effective to exchange it, though. They charge an $8 restocking fee and the customer has to pay shipping both ways. But other than that, it's great, and I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it.

I went to the dentist this morning and got the "you need to floss better" lecture. I had a new hygienist today and in talking with her, discovered that she is a Christian and her oldest son is in the same class in the same Christian school as our pastor's son - small world! I have one cavity .

Sam's vocabulary has really exploded over the past couple weeks. It's not just the volume of words, but it's the clarity of them that has improved, too. He used to say "Dooby" for Scooby Doo and now he very clearly says the "sc" sound. The other day he was talking about a spider and he very clearly made the "sp" sound. I don't remember all the other boys, but I know the "s" can be a difficult sound to master. I remember that my youngest brother called me "Harah" for the longest time! But Sam has that down - maybe because his own name starts with that sound. He can't pronounce a "c" yet, so he calls his sippy, his "tup." I remember it took Will a long time to get that one. I remember getting irritated by another woman at church who attempted to correct him, too! I was probably immature, but I enjoy hearing baby talk because it doesn't always last that long. Sam's stringing numerous words together and is just becoming extremely proficient in getting his thoughts out.

Sam has also mastered the scissors, which isn't such a great thing. Now, a lot of my important papers have "fringe" on them! He likes to sit underneath my desk with a scissors and just snip away. He calls them by the right name, but I chuckle as I remember David. To him, scissors were called "his-hews" for the longest time!

Sam is also evidencing his distaste for bugs, which cracks us all up. With it being a bit warmer, the Japanese beetles are coming out of hibernation and Sam gets quite worried when he sees one. "Buck, Buck!" he cries and then he stands there and makes a "brrr" motion, shaking his entire body. He insists that whoever is around must kill the bug. Once he knows it is dead, then he delights on stomping on it, but he won't do it until the bug has already expired.

It sounds funny to report this, but Sam got a "baby" present two weeks ago. Ever since I had Sam, Janet, our post-mistress and neighbor, has been telling me she had a gift for him. She never got around to giving it to us. Then, she told me that she gave the outfit to someone else because she knew Sam was too big for it now. But almost every time I'd see her, she'd say, "Oh, I need to get Sam's baby present to you!" Finally, she did a couple of weeks ago. Knowing I'd be stopping at the post office (because of the picky postman - refer to an earlier post of mine) she brought it. She got him this cute little size 3T basketball outfit. It fit, Sam liked it, and now Janet doesn't have to fret about getting his baby gift to me anymore!

All right - that's it for my weekly report on Sam. Now, onto - Ben! It's been a better week with him, thankfully. We're going into the school a couple of times weekly for his testing. He's doing fine, but he does want to hop up frequently and take breaks from the work. At home I guess I never noticed it all that much since I only have the time to teach in small increments of time. I hope they can work with Ben on that when he's in school.

Last night Ben told me he wanted to watch a video on You-Tube because he hadn't watched one all day. Ever since we got high speed, the boys are wanting to watch a lot of videos, and I've had to clamp down on that because 1) I don't have time to supervise everything that they might watch and 2) loading videos takes up quite a few megabytes, which could potentially, get us closer to going to over our 5G monthly limit, which would be costly for yours truly. So I only let them watch one every other day. Now what Ben wants to watch is Wheel of Fortune videos (no surprise there) so I am letting him watch 15 minutes worth twice a week. His days are Tuesdays and Fridays. I had to tell him he couldn't do it until I was awake because he started getting up before 7, creeping into my bedroom, informing me he was going to watch WOF and then it would go a lot longer than his 15 min. of allotted time since I wasn't up yet to pull him away from the computer! So, anyway, last evening he told me he was going to watch a video, since he hadn't seen one all day. I said, "Ben, you did too! You watched Wheel of Fortune this morning!" Looking abashed, Ben said, "Oh - you remembered that?"

That brat! He was lying for one thing, but he was hoping that I had forgotten - which is not beyond the realm of possibility for me. My brain can only juggle so much. It was one of those times where I didn't know whether to laugh at his obvious disappointment or to punish him for attempting to pull one over on me. There is NO way this kid is retarded!

I bought tickets this week for the Harlem Globetrotters for Paul and Ben. They are finally going to take Ben's overnight "13" trip. That's where Ben will get the "facts of life" talk (abbreviated, in his case) and it's just a good opportunity for Paul to kind of help start to lead the boys into their teen years. They're going to take the camper and spend all Friday evening and all day Saturday together, and then go to Wells Fargo to see the Globetrotters. I'll try to think of some fun stuff to do with the other boys. David already has his 13 trip planned out and it's more than 2 years away yet!

Well, there's no more putting off of the yard work. Time to pull on my boots and go "squck, squck" out into my mudhole of a yard. They're predicting quite a bit of flooding for the latter half of this week. Our house sits up high, so we're safe, but it's quite a concern for other low-landers. During the floods of '08, the water got within 2 blocks of our house, completely submerging the Swan city park. I seriously doubt it will be that bad this time. I did read in the paper today that '10 is supposed to be a banner year for tornadoes - let's hope not! My grandparents went through that in 1975 and I have vivid memories of the destruction of their house. I sure don't want to have to face that!

Off I go - squck, squck, squck...

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