Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Out of the Mouth of David

I couldn't sleep the other night, so I stayed up until 1am. You can see that I fiddled around with my blog - the jury is still out on the changes I made. My first thought upon opening it up today, was - that's bright! So, I don't know if I'll keep it. I'll have to see how well my eyes adjust.

I will have to write this in bits in pieces, I think. I have to take off again in about 10 minutes. My whole day has been like that - almost back to back appointments. A thick fog has rolled in now so that will make driving even more fun. It's wierd to have a fog like this in mid-afternoon. As I heard on the radio today, you almost expect Sherlock Holmes to step out of it at any moment!

David had an eye appt. this morning. His reading tutor that he had from Faith last fall suggested we get his eyes looked at because he seemed to have trouble refocusing while reading, once he got clear over to the right side and needed to start again at the left. I made the appt. then and it took us this long to get in. They dilated David's eyes, which did not make him happy. They (a different eye place) did that 4 years ago when Will injured David's eye with his toenail and David still talks about the injustice of that. They warned me today that David would have large pupils for a couple of days. So, while we were out in the waiting room again, David asked, "So when I am going to grow the big pimples, Mom?" Hah!

Oh, that kid is something else! I have a couple of paragraphs to write here that are going to seem unrelated, but you'll see how they tie together at the end:

Sunday the new Camp Coins sheets were out and ready for the kids. I know I wrote about this last year. Camp Coins is a program whereby our church pays half the cost of camp in exchange for the kids fulfilling a list of requirements (Bible reading, memorization, service projects, etc.) David was excited to get his and start working on it. He's already very much looking forward to and talking about Jr. Boys camp (3 months from now). I'm very much looking forward to it, too, but that's only because there is a possibility that Paul, Will, and Ben will also be up there with David and it'll just be Sam and me at home all week long!

Sunday afternoon Paul and I had a little "tiff." He used a tone of voice I didn't appreciate and it escalated. It wasn't a knock down, drag out fight, but we were closeted in the bedroom for quite awhile while I attempted to show Paul the error of his ways. All is fine now, but David, in particular, cannot stand it when there is tension in the home. He's very sensitive to stuff like that.

Sunday evening David comes to me and says in disgust, "Mom, they just said on the news that there's a state called 'Connecticut.' That's so dumb! There's no state called that!" I just had to shake my head. What's really, really sad is that we have been studying U.S. Geography for the past 2 school years...

So, yesterday (Monday) we're driving to town. David is in the back, reading Colossians - fulfilling one of his Camp Coins requirements. The next thing I know, he pipes up, "Hey Mom - you need to read this. Then maybe you wouldn't fight with Dad!" And he starts reading from Col. 3, "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord..."

How can a kid who doesn't even know that there is a state called Connecticut be possessed with such a keen spiritual understanding? I was speechless, not knowing whether to be amazed or to start laughing my head off! If he doesn't end up in the ministry someday, I will be completely shocked! And since when do 10 year olds give Biblical marital advice to their mothers?! I'm a little flabbergasted, still!

As my mother-in-law frequently comments, "That David! What are we going to do with him?!" What, indeed?!

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