Saturday, October 24, 2009

Well, my baby turned two Thursday. Paul worked late so we didn't actually celebrate until after bedtime. Sam stays up pretty late, though, so he was good for a party, even that late! We were surprised that he knew what to do with the candles. But he blew. And when that didn't work for one of his candles, he spit!

One of his gifts was a wooden toolbench. The kid was in nirvana over this. Bang, bang, bang! As soon as he woke up yesterday morning he made a beeline for his toolbench and was whaling on it again. It's made out of a soft wood and it is already pitted with marks from his hammer! He's hitting the nails so hard that several of their wooden heads have popped off. I moved the bench upstairs so I don't have to listen to the noise. We also got him a Tonka truck. I wondered why the inside had all these black marks on it after I got home yesterday from running around. David said Sam had been throwing a golf ball over and over into the bed of the truck. Why? And where did he get a golf ball?

So I think he had fun, even though I doubted he realized it was his birthday or what that means. Yesterday morning I was in a hurry to get to my hair appointment so I offered Sam birthday cake for breakfast (I know - I am a terrible mother!). Oh, he liked that! So this morning I told him it was time for breakfast. I suggested cereal and he shook his head. So then I offered a banana and he even more vigorously shook his head. Then he said, "Tate, tate!" I have created a monster, I'm afraid. Oh and yeah, he got the cake! I can't resist his cuteness! Remind me of that someday when they've picked him up for breaking and entering because I never learned to say "no" to him as a toddler...

I had really hoped that Sam's cousin would be born on his birthday, but she didn't arrive in time. Here she was threatening to come at 32 weeks, got everyone all worried, and now she's 37 weeks along and still not out. But all signs point to a "go" any moment now. I'm really, really bummed because the hospital is not allowing any visitors except immediate family and grandparents. They're doing this because they are all worried about the flu. I had just looked forward so much to visiting them in the hospital. In fact, before my brother and his family moved up here, but were talking about it, one of my thoughts was, "Yay! I can go visit them in the hospital when they have another baby!" And now I can't because I might be germ infested. Sigh...Actually, this whole flu thing really ticks me off. Yes, people are getting the flu, but people have always gotten the flu. This particular strain hasn't been seen since the 1940s, my kids' dr was telling me and so anyone who was alive then has an immunity to it. Or something like that - I can't remember, exactly. It's really hurting the pork producers here in Iowa because it was falsly called the "swine" flu when it has nothing to do with pigs. On the other hand, pork prices in the grocery store have gone down, which is good for me, as a consumer. But I just really see it as a media-induced pandemic - something for them to get all excited about, whip the people into frenzy, which then puts the government into a position to step in and "take care" of the situation. And that's never good. But, on the other hand (what am I up to, 3 hands now?!) babies born early are at more of a risk for contracting things. We learned that the hard way with Sam when he was 4 weeks old and caught what we thought was a cold. He ended up spending 5 days in the hospital with a lung infection. Their immune systems and lungs just aren't that mature when they come early. David was born at 36 weeks, as well, but he was a summertime baby and I think that makes a real difference. So, I'll just have to wait and see my new niece at her house...I'm still pouting, though.

Tonight was supposed to be our annual Swan bonfire and hayride. I missed it for the last two years so I've kind of been looking forward to it. But Will just came in and told me it's been cancelled because Dave, the guy whose house it is usually held at and whose wagon we use for the ride went and had a heart attack. I didn't know that. He's a city council member. Hmmm - we may have another seat to fill in the Nov. 3rd election. I guess our next door neighbor is going to get a bonfire going so the kids could at least go roast hot dogs.

I have kind of wierd physical thing going on with my fingers. For the past few days I have developed a tiny little blister - just one a day - on different fingers. It is so bizarre. I wonder what is causing that. They're not infected, but just these little watery blister things. Kind of hurts!

Some neighborhood cat had babies in our shed recently. The boys have been keeping an eye on them. There are just two. I haven't figured out who the mama kitty is yet. But Will informed me today that one kitty froze to death last night. That's too bad. Well, not really. It's one fewer cat that will be roaming the neighborhood, making babies with our cats! And speaking of which: just a little bit ago Will commented that he thought Mittens, our female, was looking awfully fat. I looked - she's pregnant. Lovely! Actually, I'm surprised this is the first time it happened. We've had her since the spring of '08. Our tomcat, Winchester, had disappeared for awhile but he recently showed up again. I wonder if he is the daddy. It's hard to say. There are lots of cats in Swan! Every so often someone will show up at a city council meeting complaining of that very fact. I don't know what they think we're going to be able to do for them - go around and shoot the cats? If people won't spay or neuter, there's not a lot we can do. Of course, I'm one of those "people." I am not paying veterinary care for an outdoor cat. It looks like we'll be getting rid of a litter of kittens soon, but I'd rather do that than pay to have Mittens spayed.

Football ended this week. It was a good season. The JV team won all but one of their games and I think the freshmen won all theirs'. Monday night was the last JV game and the weather was just fantastic. Paul and I sat in the bleachers while David and Sam ran around and it was just really enjoyable. We found out later that Ben had been up near the booth with the coach, getting aquainted. I hope he wasn't a problem! Will still had to practice this week and then all the players dressed for last night's last Varsity game. Miserable weather for that! They lost all but one of their games this season. But with the JV players moving up into Varsity within the next couple of years, they should have a winning team again soon. I have decided that I like being a Football Mom - especially when the weather is nice. Next year Will will have his school permit, so I won't have to drive him to and from practice. That will be nice because that got a little old after awhile.

Well, back to my to-do list! Paul is working today, which is a good thing. They are predicting kind of a mild winter, so that may make hours harder to come by as the season goes on. I hope not. But I guess we'll "make hay while the sun shines." Can you tell I'm an Iowan?! He also has our red van sitting on the side of the road in Carlisle. It died there last week and he's been trying to get a new alternator in that thing. They're going to tow it if he doesn't get that moved pronto. So he was wanting to work on that this afternoon, as well. Back to work for me!

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