Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching Up...and Falling Further Behind

Four Boys, trying to take a Photograph Equals Much Frustration! That's how I would entitle this morning. I'm trying to get the boys' picture taken for our Christmas cards. I took some Friday and wasn't real thrilled with how they turned out, so knowing today was to be sunny and warmer, I got them all dressed in their Hawkeye gear (we're doing a theme photo this year - I am in insane woman...) again this morning, had them round up their Hawkeye accessories, and we trekked to the other side of Swan. What an ordeal! I cannot get them to smile and look at me at the same time! Someone is always grimacing or scratching his nose, or running out of the photo (Sam) or crying (David or Sam). I took about 100 shots, broke up 102 fights, and then said, "That's it! I give up!" Only, I didn't. Because once I loaded the shots onto the computer I saw that none of them were that good. So I hauled them all back outside again for more poses, fighting, and crying. Then I gave up for good. So keep that in mind when you get our Christmas photo in the mail in a couple of months. My children aren't always as grouchy and sullen as they look in this year's photo.

That's Sam's 2 yr picture up above. Again - not a terrific shot. I have better pictures I have taken with my camera - for free! He's like Ben at that age - just freezes up in a strange place and it's a lot of work to get him to smile for someone else's camera. I kind of like the angle on that one, though. I've never had a professional portrait done like that before.

Well, we are all healthy. Sam recovered nicely and didn't share any germs whatsoever. From what I'm hearing, I suspect he may have had the H1N1 variety of the flu. If that's all it is, then bring it on! I'll take that over vomiting and massive diarrhea blow-outs any day!

My biopsy report came back last Tuesday - all good. No cancer, which is nice to know. But I have an infection and the nurse is wondering if that could be the cause of my pain. That's possible, but it means I have had an infection since Sam was a few months old, when I became symptomatic. That doesn't seem very plausible. And it wouldn't address my problems of massive bleeding every month. So, I don't think I'm done chasing answers. I did get put on an antibiotic called metronizadole, something I have never heard before. I immediately started having migraine-intensity headaches and awful fatigue. I could not figure it out because nothing was different in my diet and my Vit D has been a tremendous help with my energy levels. Well, Saturday I was so busy that I did not take my pills - and I felt better. Yesterday morning I woke up and it just dawned on me - the antibiotics are causing this! So I went ahead and took them yesterday and sure enough I was dragging all day and felt like I had a chisel pushed through my forehead. I've only got 2 days left on the pills but I'm going to get something else. I can't live like this, even just for 2 more days!

David informed me last week that he thinks his elbows are "too pointy." Kid, if that's the worst of your problems!...

I got roses from Paul Tuesday, which was nice and unexpected. He's been working so hard and so many hours lately and yet, he thought of me. That night was Will's last Freshman game. He had wanted to go, but a problem came up with a furnace he had done on the side this summer so he had to take care of that. So, it was up to me to find this school, which turned out to be located in the hinderlands of central Iowa. I missed half the game because I couldn't find the school! I was getting a little panicky because it was my night to bring chips for the team to eat on the way home, so I had to be there. And it was SO cold! I had blankets and had the boys in their winter hats and gear. But what a game! Will caught an interception, and then he made a 2 point conversion pass. Just so you know, I have no idea what any of that means, but that's what I was told! I could hear his teammates yelling, "Yay, Will!" Just today I had an email from Will's coach telling me again what an amazing young man Will is and how great it has been to be his coach this season. Mamas need to hear that kind of stuff! After the game was over (of course we won - my son was playing and he's amazing!) I had to change Sam's soaked pants and diaper in the freezing cold. I'm surprised he didn't get a frostbit butt. Then, we were leaving and I somehow got turned around and missed the interstate. I eventually made it home and in walked Paul with roses. It was nice - I need them! And him!

Will's last JV game is tonight, so we'll be there. And then the last Varsity game is this Friday and the coach wants all the kids to practice and dress for that game. I'm hoping to make it to that one, as well. I don't think I've seen a varsity game yet this season. They haven't had such a good season like the Freshman and JV teams.

I think I officially became middle aged this past week. Maybe. Well, I made my first purchase at Coldwater Creek, which is a store that I think caters to the older dresser. I'm a Retail Queen and have way too many clothes. Well, not "way" too many - I do try to limit myself, but I think I can safely say I have more than I really need. It's because I like shopping and I like to look good and I don't have any daughters to spend clothing money on. So it goes on my back instead. I had this really great coupon so I really wanted to buy something there. It's a cozy little store out at Jordan Creek and I had never been in there before. But I got to noticing that most of the other women shopping there had gray hair! So that gave me pause - have I really crossed the threshold into middle aged shopping? Are elastic waisted jeans next for me? Granted, it was a Wednesday morning and most people my age are working and retirees aren't, so maybe that's why. But I think I can safely say that my days at Junior shops are long gone...Actually, I'm going back tomorrow. I decided against one of the tops I bought once I put it on again so I want to return or exchange it. Coldwater Creek has really cool bags, though - that's enough of a reason in my book to make a another purchase! I'm so pathetic...

Ben has started trying to read with expression. It isn't something I taught him, but I noticed it last week. When he's reading outloud to me, he lowers his voice for male characters and raises it for little kid ones...I like it!

Sam has a birthday this week. He's already so "two." One morning last week he was in our room at 6am, chattering away about how "Wull ni-ni, Dah ni-ni, Ben ni-ni" (Will, David, and Ben "night night"). We never did get back to sleep. He discovered a little train set my sister in law passed on to me about a year ago. He's been playing with it non-stop for several days now, setting up the track different ways. I didn't know the engine had a switch and moved on its own, but Sam knew! He's also started informing me during the day that "Da-da wur" (Dada is at work). And of course, the words he uses most often are "no" and "mine!"

We have had a glut of babies at our church lately - 2 this month, one coming in December, and two due next spring. One of the spring babies will be born to a college couple that married in August - very much a honeymoon baby! When David heard that they were expecting he exclaimed, "Boy, they must really love eachother!" That cracked me up!

One of our October babies was born early Saturday morning to my friend, Tammy. She had her 6th daughter, her 8th and final child, at home. I think she coughs and they slip right out. She's a pro at childbirth! I was anxious to go visit so yesterday after church we went to Fuddruckers, which is a big treat because it's not exactly cheap. We said we were celebrating the end of football season and Sam's birthday. It was fun - they brought Sam a sundae and sang to him. He wasn't sure what to think! But we had a great meal and then headed over to our friends' house. I loved cuddling little Evian and I was surprised at Sam's insistence that he, too, get to hold the baby! He did that several times and Ben, of course, had to have his turn. He loves babies, too. Thankfully, my friend Tammy is laid back and wasn't having seizures about a toddler and teenager with cp handling her precious newborn! They did just fine. Tammy told me that had the baby been a boy, they had decided on "Benjamin" as the name. Now that is cool - I love the name Benjamin (obviously)! But you just don't hear it much anymore.

I have given up on getting any school done with the boys today. Between our disastrous photo shoot, having to make supper early in order to make Will's game tonight, and then spending an hour + on the phone with the Iowa DNR (trying to get Will registered for a hunter safety course) I gave up. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Well, actually, it won't. I'm going to be in town, shopping all day. And then Wednesday morning will be busy with MOPPETS...ok, I guess we'll have school Thursday! No wonder I homeschool year round! Gotta scoot and change Sam's stinky diaper. He's been malodorous for awhile now. Maybe I should start pottytraining him...some other day!

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  1. Always busy, but sounds like fun times (minus the headache stuff). I understand the frustration of getting pictures taken. i am dreading our Dec 3rd photo shoot. Since I will be in them I won't be able to see from the other side what they look like till an hour after they have been taken (read: when it's too late to go back and fix them). LOVE the picture of Sam, I can't believe he is going to be two. love this age group, the age of discovery and expanding language (Aiden's favorite word is No, but I am sure it won't be long till he learns mine.)

    Enjoy the game and make sure you are taking some 'me time' to care for yourself (maybe if I remind enough people I will start listening to my own advice).