Saturday, October 3, 2009

Feeling Great

Well, I finally did it. I cut off Sam's curls. Will accused me of crying while I did it, but I wasn't really - just sniffling a bit. Here's a picture of Sam taken later that night - all boy, in every way now! I put them in a baggie, labeled them, and stuffed them in an drawer. Someday when I'm dead, my great- grandkids will find that bit of hair and marvel that their bald (probably) grandpa ever had hair that soft and light! I never saved any of the other boys' hair snippets - never thought to do so. Will and David got their haircuts right around their first birthdays. They got their dad's straight hair, so it really wasn't that great of sacrifice to trim it. Ben had beautiful corkscrew curls, though. I wish I had saved one! I didn't cut his until he was 18 months and Paul made me. A waitress had asked if we needed a high chair for our "little girl" and that was it, as far as he was concerned! To my delight, Ben's hair is getting curlier the older he gets, especially when we let it grow a little bit. So, I'm hopeful that Sam will also have curly hair in adolescence. I can dream, anyway!

Sam has taken to calling himself "Sammy" in recent weeks. It just cracks me up! I don't know where he got that because we almost always call him, "Sam." I know there are a few older ladies at church that call him "Sammy" but I wouldn't think he'd remember that. But now we're calling him "Sammy" a whole lot more since he does!

I have had a good day today. For the past 3 Saturdays I have been out of town. I really need my Saturdays to catch up on what I don't get done during the week! Today I was home and other than a list a mile long, I didn't have to do anything! It's been great! Paul did have me run up to the north side of Des Moines to pick up some part he needs for his side furnace job he's working on. The guy said he'd be there at 11, so I was there, but he wasn't. I called Paul, who called him, and found out that the guy's back had gone out so he wasn't coming in after all. was an hour round trip to get the thing that I never got! But he did tell Paul he'd knock $10 off the price for my trouble.

Paul isn't home right now and hasn't been all day long. He had hoped to be finishing up this furnace job today. But work has been heavier this week and he had several nights that he couldn't go in and work on it after he got home because he got home too late. So his plan this morning was to drop Will off at church (the youth group was going up Faith (Bible college) for Faithfest today) at 7:45 and then go from there to this side job. Well, he ended up coming home about 45 min. later. His boss had called and asked him to tend to a few service calls. That's great, because overtime has been in very, very low supply this year and we have missed that extra income! So Paul was pleased to get that time, but it made it even harder to get to his side job today. He did get home around 3 and rushed off to do that. I don't know how late he'll be. He took David with him to help (we had to make him go - he would have preferred to stay home and play. I don't know what his objection is - he's getting paid! He needs to learn some "man" skills, anyway.) And Paul planned to pick up Will and have him help as soon as the youth group was back. So I suspect that they will all be at it for awhile. So, it's just Ben, Sam, and me here at home tonight.

Ben has had a better week. I'm still seeing quite a bit of perverseration (I really need to learn how to spell that, as often as I seem to need to use it) and some sensory things going on. He's sleeping better. On his own, he started turning the radio to 91.3, which is a Christian radio station. And he's going to sleep with that. I don't mind the music because they pretty much play hymns and that's a nice change from our other two Christian stations, which only play whatever is on the CCM charts. But the guy who runs the station, Harold Camping, has this call-in program every night where he answers questions about the Bible. The guy is a fruitcake! He believes the rapture is going to occur May 21, 2010 and he doesn't believe that anyone can be saved who desires to be. I always enjoy the music and shut off the station when he comes on. But Ben has finally found something that soothes him to sleep so I'm reluctant to take it away. I just hope he doesn't take in all this false doctrine by osmosis while he sleeps!

I'm feeling good. Isn't that a refreshing change from my normal posts? I really, really am. I have been taking Vit D - 5000 ius of it - for two weeks now. That is some powerful stuff! I have so much more energy than I have had since before my pregnancy. I feel more mentally clear. And I'm eating better, too, so I'm sure that's helping. I'm going to buy some Vit. D for the boys this week and get them started on it, too. I would actually prefer to keep them sedated - I don't need more active children! But I think it will be good for them.

My allergies have all but disappeared. This is the time of year when they'd be letting up, anyway. They tend to start the second week of August, reach their peak a month later, and then slowly let up as September fades into October. But I have not been bothered by them since about the end of August when I started using capsaicin pepper spray. One application of that stuff seems to last for weeks! Last Friday when we left for Okoboji I started having a really rough time with my allergies and I hadn't even thought to bring my spray. So we stopped at a Medicap east of Carroll but they didn't have it. The pharmacist told me he'd been sent a sample of it, but he couldn't imagine anyone in their right mind being willing to spray that stuff up their nose! I told him it really works, although I couldn't vouch for the state of my mind! I was able to buy a bottle once we found a Walgreens in Carroll and I was good for rest of the weekend. Ben has even started to ask for it and I'm trying to remember to give it to him whenever he's bad off with his allergies. It's better than the cupboardful of prescription nosesprays we have for him! The cessation of my allergies is really helping my energy levels, too.

My new housework schedule is going marvelous. I have never had such a clean house! This method is much easier and much more time-effective. I can't believe it took me 16 plus years to latch onto this way of keeping house!

I'm starting to get nervous about our upcoming Swan elections. We had a monthly meeting the other night and for all the people that filed papers to be on the council or to be mayor - not a single one showed up at the meeting! You would think that those interested in serving would start attending meetings now so in the event that they are elected, they'll know what's going on! I attended meetings for months before I was elected. And I still felt kind of dumb once I got on the council. Our current mayor, whom I think is wonderful, is adamant that he will not serve another term. This makes me nervous because the guy running for mayor has only lived in Swan for 2 years. He seems like a nice enough person, but I have my doubts as to how he could do the job. There is one other council person that I truly hope stays. He says he has served as either councilperson or mayor since 1988 and he's tired of it. But he did add that if he gets written in, he won't say no. I'm going to write him in for both the council and the mayor's seat! If we lose both men, I don't know what will happen. I've been on the council for 3 years now and I still feel a bit lost at times. There's so much I don't know and understand about running a town. I feel like all I ever do is ask questions at times. I'm supposed to be the towns Emergency Management contact person and I don't know what I'd do if I ever had to fulfill that role! It'll all be over (or just starting) a month from today.

The first part of next week will be busy. I doubt you'll see me here until the end of the week. Monday, we have an appt. with Ben's allergist. He's been on shots now for 6 months and the allergist wants an idea of how he is doing. I plan to inform him that we have never had such a horrible summer with Ben's hay fever as we have this summer. I thought shots were supposed to help! Then, I'm taking Sam to get his 2 year picture done. Then, I have to get in my grocery shopping and Walmarting. Then, Will has a home game at 6. The next day I have an ultrasound of my uterus in the morning. I rather imagine I'll be finishing up what shopping I don't get done on Monday, too. And then Wednesday morning I work in MOPPETS and I have to take Ben in for his shots. That's all! I think I had better enjoy what is left of today!

Well, back to my list. I'm down to about 4 things on it - woo-hoo! I don't think I've ever actually completed a to-do list before. This may induce feelings of extreme euphoria. Or more likely, fatigue - I'll be dead on my feet by the time I get done. But it'll be done and that's all that matters. Have a great week!

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  1. Ok, I always forget all the things I want to say by the time I finish reading, so I have to scroll back up to remind myself. I think I need some Vit D. to help me with the forgetfulness. it is REALLY bad.

    Love the new do on Sam. Such an adorable little guy.

    PTL for overtime, lessening allergies for you, and Ben having a better week. :)

    Care to share your new housecleaning schedule? I have been using Flylady and have been doing pretty good at keeping the house clean. I actually find myself WANTING to clean. THAT is a HUGE change for me, the one who would avoid cleaning at all cost.

    Praying you have a blessed week admist the busyness. Glad to hear you are feeling much better.