Thursday, June 4, 2009

Postscript and a Plug

It all worked out fine, stress and all. Paul called around 5 to tell me he was on his way home. I immediately exclaimed, "Thank you, Lord!" Paul then said, "You're welcome" and started cackling about how I was finally turning into the Biblical Sarah (referring to the verse where she called Abraham "lord"). Dream on! So I was able to attend the council meeting without Sam, which was good because we had a lot to discuss tonight. I felt like I contributed more than I ever had before (with the exception of when I brought a proposal for a sex-offender residency ban up for consideration for our town statutes - it passed). Don't think I could have done that with a baby hanging on my hip, though!

I started getting nervous, though, when it got to be 7:30 and Paul still hadn't walked up to City Hall and I wasn't out of the meeting. One of us had to leave then to get the boys. He had gotten into a project and got distracted (how did I know that I would happen?) and finally showed up chugging in his old red truck. Sam was having a ball, helping him drive! So I jumped in my van and drove like an almost-maniac to get to church to pick up the boys. It was nice - one of the few times I got to control the radio dial. I made it in record time. Turn-out was small tonight at this boys' club, but it was their first meeting. The boys had a great time and they thought I was the greatest mom ever when I actually gave them money to run into Caseys for drinks while I filled up the van.

Now, Ben is in bed, David is eating (he's been a bottomless pit for about a month now. A couple of weeks ago we were at my parents' for Memorial Day and for lunch he ate 6 hot dogs in a row. He told me later that he could have eaten more, but he was 'saving room for dessert')! Will is outside doing something for Paul, Paul is putting a new closet door in, and Sam is on the couch, chugging a juice bottle and watching the news. I need to get to bed - busy 2, actually 3, days ahead.

Oh, and Paul found out today that we got approved for re-financing the house. The ARM comes due this Sept. and interest rates are on the rise, so we figured we better act now. It's going to come to about $10 more a month, but I guess that isn't too bad. So we'll probably be signing papers next week.

I've got to go bandage up David and then I'll be back with my "plug."

Ok, my plug: My very good friend, Laurie has started a blog as of today and I would like to encourage all my readers to check it out. Her address is I hope I got that right! I have known Laurie for quite a few years now. We met on a uterine rupture survivor list and soon found that we had much more in common that traumatic birth experiences. Laurie is a dear Christian lady (girl? woman? "Lady" sounds ultra refined and ultra old!) who lives in Georgia. She has quite a few children, some by birth and others by adoption. She has a couple of special needs children in there. She's homeschooled forever. Laurie is the kind of person who always makes me reevaluate my absolute positions on things, but in a very gentle way. She's kind, loves the Lord dearly, has been through some pretty deep valleys, and always has just the right thing to say. She's also a gifted writer and I think you'll like her. One of my greatest desires is take a trip to Georgia one of these years and finally get to hug Laurie. Actually, that's what my friend Angee and I both say. Angee is another gal from that rupture group who is quite close with Laurie and me. I have met up with Angee a couple of times since she lives in Missouri and whenever we're together, we always say, "Oh, if only Laurie were here!" Go visit her site. She's worth the read!

Well, David has informed me that it's time I tuck him into bed, so I guess I had better head that way. I think I'll pop a load of laundry in, take a bath, and then hopefully make it to bed before - oh wait, it's already 10:00! So much for making an early night of it!

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  1. OH wow...I am just totally completely humbled, thank you. I feel the same you know, and I always think its you that makes me rethink gently. lol I love you Sarah.